How to Lock Android Apps

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How to Lock Android Apps
How to Lock Android Apps

For security concerns, most users currently utilize some type of biometric lock or PIN protection on their Android smartphones. However, there may be times when you wish to restrict access to a certain app on your smartphone for greater protection. Some programs, such as password managers and banking apps, have an app lock feature, while most other apps do not.

Because of the versatility that Android provides, you can lock applications on your Android smartphone easily. Simply follow the instructions below.

How to Lock Android Apps

There are several third-party applications available on the Google Play Store that will allow you to lock apps on your Android smartphone. In addition to app locking, these programs will enable you to secure system settings and toggles with a passcode or password.

It goes without saying that when locking an app, you should use a pattern or PIN that is distinct from your device’s unlock pattern. Using the same unlock pattern/PIN as your smartphone defeats the point of locking the app.

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You may even conceal installed applications on your Android smartphone for more protection.

  1. On your Android smartphone, install AppLock from Google Play. The software is free to download and use, but you must pay the full version to remove advertising and access additional functions.
  2. When you initially use the app, you’ll be required to generate a Master PIN; enter a four-digit PIN that is distinct from your phone’s unlock PIN. You will be required to enter the PIN twice for confirmation.
  3. Whether your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, AppLock will ask you if you wish to lock applications with your fingerprint. Tap Yes or No to indicate your choice.
  4. Tap the Plus sign and then pick the applications that you want to lock. You may restrict access to as many applications as you wish. Tap the Plus sign again to confirm your decision.

When you initially lock an app, you must provide AppLock specific rights. A dialog box will also appear automatically in this case.

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Tap OK to continue with granting AppLock access to the Usage Data Access permission. Similarly, allow the app to appear on top. Finally, you’ll need to enable the app access to your phone’s internal storage.

All chosen applications will be locked when you provide the appropriate permissions. When you attempt to launch a locked app in the future, you’ll be required to enter the unlock PIN or prove your identity using the fingerprint scanner. Even while accessing AppLock, you must enter the unlock PIN or use the fingerprint scanner.

How to Lock Notifications

You can also disable the display of all alerts from a locked app in the notification shade. Instead, these applications will display a “Notification is locked” notice.

To do so, launch AppLock and press the notification lock symbol next to the app’s name. You’ll need to allow Notification access to AppLock the first time you do this. After that, you must enter the AppLock password/pattern or authenticate your fingerprint before seeing the content of a protected notification.

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AppLock even enables you to create unique passwords for each app you lock. In AppLock, go to Settings > Multiple Passwords and enter a new password/PIN/lock as desired.

Lock Apps for Added Security

On your Android smartphone, you should always utilize a password/PIN lock, with app locking functioning as an extra layer of protection. However, locking applications containing sensitive or crucial data is always a smart idea, particularly if it provides you with piece of mind.

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