How to Locate the Best Discord Servers to Join

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How to Locate the Best Discord Servers to Join
How to Locate the Best Discord Servers to Join

Discord began as a voice chat application for gamers. However, it has subsequently evolved into a popular platform for hosting a variety of communities. There are Discord servers for every hobby, such as gaming, movies, and music. All you have to do is seek to locate these fantastic Discord communities.

However, knowing where to start your search might be difficult. Furthermore, if you’re new to Discord, you may be unsure where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Discord servers.

How to Find Discord Communities Using the Discord Server Directory

You can locate servers by utilizing the left-hand menu in the Discord desktop client or the Discord app on your phone. To access the official public Discord server directory, click the compass symbol.

This directory’s homepage displays some of the most popular Discord servers, such as those for Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Minecraft. These servers have hundreds of thousands of users and are among Discord’s biggest. You may participate in any of these or explore the other categories in the left menu.

Use the search box to find Discord servers that cater to a more particular set of interests. Some Discord servers even allow you to play chess and poker. If something jumps out to you, you may try it out on a server before committing to join.

How to Find Discord Servers Using Disboard

Disboard is another option for finding the top Discord servers. Disboard has compiled a list of Discord servers covering a wide range of themes, including several gaming groups and anime and manga fan bases. It also provides a list of Discord servers for various themes such as music, technology, movies, memes, and role-playing.

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Scroll down and explore the Disboard directory using Categories and Popular Tags on the main page to discover a Discord server. Popular tags are shown in green, whereas categories are presented in light blue. When you click on a subject, a list of Discord servers relating to that topic will appear.

When you select a subject, you’ll get additional information about each listed server, such as its name, a starred user-review rating, a server description, and the number of users who are presently online. You’ll also notice a flag to identify the server’s language and an NSFW symbol if the server is exclusively for adults.

You can also type a phrase into the search field to find servers that are connected to that subject. Click on Evaluations at the top to get ratings for particular Discord servers if you want to explore user reviews of communities. When you’ve found a server you like, click to join.

How to Join Servers on Discord Using DiscordMe

Discord Me is another renowned Discord server finder. This website caters on gaming and anime-themed communities, although there are also entries for art, entertainment, and social groups.

To locate a Discord server, go to the main page and explore the most popular, or use the Categories drop-down to search by category. When you click on a category name, you will be led to a list of the top Discord servers in that category.

If you’re feeling fortunate, the Random Server option in the left-hand menu will connect you to a Discord server from the directory at random. This function is fantastic for discovering Discord servers that you would never consider visiting or joining otherwise.

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When you click on a server name, you will get information about its contents as well as a banner picture. Then, click Join Server to get to the Discord invite page. You may connect to the server using this page.

How to Find Discord Servers Dedicated to Your Favorite Influencers

Look for servers maintained by your favorite publications or tech influencers as another method for discovering Discord servers. You may also set up your own Discord server.

Linus Tech Tips, for example, has its own Discord channel with information on hardware, gaming, and other topics. Other sites feature communities for specific populations, such as Patreon supporters.

Many Twitch broadcasters also run Discord servers. Looking for these might be a fun way to locate servers with other people who like the same games that you do. Furthermore, checking around the sites you frequent may be one method to uncover Discord groups related to a given fandom.

How to Find Private Discord Servers

There are private Discord servers that need an invitation in addition to public Discord servers. These are often in the form of a URL, such as followed by random characters or a particular text string.

Private server invitations are often found on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and other social media platforms. Reddit is a great site to look for Discord servers. Alternatively, your pals may send you an invitation over Discord (to do this yourself, right-click a server icon and select Invite People).

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Because they are invite-only, these servers are often substantially smaller than public Discord channels. That also implies they’re less active, yet they might provide a more intimate community. A smaller private server may be preferred if you find big servers impersonal or full of drama.

After you’ve joined a Discord server, read the rules and guidelines. Before you may access extra server channels on certain private servers, you must contact a mod or certify that you have read the rules.

It’s Easy to Find Great Discord Servers

The Discord server-finders above are live evidence that the best place to locate Discord servers isn’t necessarily via the Discord software. There are Discord servers for practically every subject you can think of, and you may use any of these strategies to figure out how to find a Discord server that matches you.

Those looking for new communities will be relieved to learn that Discord is growing in size and diversity on a daily basis. You may locate your online tribe and join in discussions about topics that interest you by utilizing these strategies.

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