How to Install and Use iMessage Games on Your iPhone

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How to Install and Use iMessage Games on Your iPhone
How to Install and Use iMessage Games on Your iPhone

iMessage is a convenient method to interact with other iPhone users. It’s basically modern-day instant messaging, complete with colorful emoticons, read receipts, and typing notifications. You may not receive all of these features with generic text messages.

iMessage, on the other hand, is much more than just a texting app. You’ve probably seen folks playing iMessage games like pool or golf. This lesson will show you how to play such games with your pals as well.

Step 1. Make Sure iMessage Is Enabled

If you have an iPhone, you can utilize iMessage using the Messages app. However, you can only use iMessage in the Messages app if you have it enabled.

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Go to Settings > Messages and hit iMessage to activate it. You may now send and receive iMessages with this enabled.

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Step 2. Download iMessage Games

When you’re in the Messages app, you should see a bar above the keyboard with a few icons from the applications you’ve downloaded. If you don’t see this bar, activate it by tapping the gray App Store symbol next to the text box.

Once you have this bar, you may launch the iMessage App Store by tapping the blue App Store symbol. You can browse all of the available downloads here. There are several iMessage games and Emoji packs available to make iMessage more enjoyable.

Simply tap Download any iMessage game that piques your interest.

Step 3. Start an iMessage Game

When you download an iMessage game, it will appear in the Messages app’s bar above the keyboard. Start the game by tapping on the game you want to play with a buddy. This will alert your buddy, and if they do not have the game downloaded, they will have the option to do so.

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Please keep in mind that these games may only be played amongst iPhone or iPad users who utilize iMessage. Before you ask to play a game, make sure your text messages are blue, since this signifies that you interact over iMessage. Check the text bar as well to see whether it reads iMessage or Text Message.

Having More Fun With iMessage

iMessage games are an excellent way to stay in contact with friends and family throughout the day. It might be difficult to maintain everyday text discussions with individuals you wish to stay in touch with. But with engaging iMessage games like 8 Ball and Darts, you can keep in contact while having a lot of fun.

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If you want to make iMessage more enjoyable, look for an iMessage game to play.

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