How to Install and Use a PS5 Controller on a PC

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How to Install and Use a PS5 Controller on a PC
How to Install and Use a PS5 Controller on a PC

The DualSense controller for the PS5 is a magnificent piece of technology that has outsold the PS5 system in popularity. Aside from the PS5, the PS5 controller is also PC compatible.

The DualSense may connect to your PC through wired or wireless connections, both of which are simple. Continue reading to learn how to connect your PS5 controller to your PC.

Connecting the PS5 Controller to Your PC With USB

A USB cable is the simplest method to connect your PS5 controller to your PC. Windows can recognize your controller automatically, saving you the trouble of installing drivers.

Because the PS5 controller includes a USB-C connector, you’ll need a USB-C to USB-A cable. You may, of course, use a USB-C to USB-C cable if your computer has one.

  1. Connect the cable’s USB-C end to your PS5 controller. Connect the USB-A end of the cord to your computer.
  2. Windows will now alert you that the controller has been recognized, and your controller will light up.
  3. Navigate to Settings in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

That’s all I’ve got! Your controller is now operational, and you can begin playing your games.

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If you wish to use features like adaptable triggers, you must upgrade your PS5 controller. Although an old controller will still perform its fundamental duties, the immersive capabilities of the controller will need the most recent firmware upgrades.

Connecting the PS5 Controller to Your PC With Bluetooth

If you don’t want to mess with cords and want to play from a distance, you may also connect your PS5 controller over Bluetooth.

To do so, your PC must be Bluetooth-enabled. If your PC lacks built-in Bluetooth, you may add it with the aid of a Bluetooth adapter.

  1. Hold the PS and Create buttons on your PS5 controller for three seconds, or until the controller begins to flicker blue. In DualShock 4 controllers, the Create button is the same as the Share button.
  2. Click on Add a device.
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Select your controller in the Add a device box on your PC. Your controller will most likely be called Wireless Controller. When you pick the controller, the flashing will cease and a steady blue light will appear. Connect your PS5 controller to your computer.
  5. Navigate to the Steam menu inside Steam.
  6. Click Done.

When you use your controller wirelessly, it will use its battery. To keep it running, you’ll need to charge it every now and again. Playing using a connected connection can not only drain but also charge your controller’s battery.

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Using and Customizing Your PS5 Controller With Steam

Steam is the most popular PC gaming retailer, and its Big Picture Mode lets you use your controller to explore the UI. Steam supports the PS5 controller, and you can calibrate and adjust it for best performance in PC games through Steam.

  1. Select Settings. The Settings dialog box will appear. Select Controller in the Settings window.
  2. Launch Steam.
  3. Select General Controller Settings from the drop-down menu. Enable PlayStation Configuration Support with your controller.
  4. In Detected Controllers, hover over the PlayStation 5 Controller.
  5. Select Preferences on the right.
  6. Turn the Player Slot LED on.
  7. Change the color of the Controller Light to your liking. The color of your controller should change in real time.

You should be able to see your controller’s name as PlayStation 5 Controller under recognized controllers. With Steam, you have access to a plethora of controller options. The controller’s light color is one example.

  1. Hover on the PlayStation 5 Controller in Detected Controllers.
  2. On the right, select Preferences.
  3. Change Player Slot LED to On.
  4. Adjust the Controller Light Color to your preferred color. Your controller’s color should change in real-time.
  5. Select Submit.
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Setting up your controller for Steam usage ensures that it is compatible with all Steam games.

Play on Your PC With the PlayStation 5 Controller

The famous PlayStation 5 controller is now PC compatible. You now understand how to connect your controller to your computer through USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Steam now supports the PlayStation 5 controller, and you can calibrate and modify it via Steam. Using everything out of the way, it’s time to fire up your PC game and explore its environment with your PlayStation 5 controller.

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