How to Install Among Us on a Mac

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How to Install Among Us on a Mac
How to Install Among Us on a Mac

If you’re a macOS gamer, you’re undoubtedly tired of missing out on major releases like Among Us. Even with so many games on Steam being accessible for Mac, there are still several that Apple users cannot enjoy. But don’t worry, we’ll show you the best methods to get Among Us up and running on your Mac.

Installing Among Us Using BlueStacks

The easiest method for installing Among Us is to utilize a system emulator, the most basic of which is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that enables you to use your desktop computer to run smartphone and tablet apps. Because the software is an emulator, it needs a reasonably capable machine to operate on both macOS and Windows. If you’re using an old or low-performance system, you may want to try a different way.

First and first, we must modify several security settings. Use the spotlight search to open System Preferences. Now, under the heading Allow applications downloaded from:, make sure that App Store and recognized developers is selected. Now that we’ve completed that, we can head to the BlueStacks website and download the Mac version of the program.

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Once the download is complete, double-click the.dmg file to launch the installation. Double-click BlueStacks Installer when it appears to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the installer may prompt you to provide permission to the program. Then, at the bottom of the window, click Allow under Security & Privacy. After you do this, BlueStacks may fail to load the first time. Check that the Allow button is not there under Security & Privacy, and then restart BlueStacks to complete.

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After BlueStacks has launched, choose your language and go through the standard Android setup procedure. If you do not connect in to an existing Google account, you will not be able to download the app. When the installation is complete, double-click the Play Store icon. To install the app, type Among Us into the search field and then click Install. When the program has finished installing, click Open to begin using it. After a few seconds, you’ll be prompted to approve another download by clicking Accept. If this download fails, remove and then reinstall the program.

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To begin playing Among Us, you must agree to the terms and conditions.

Other Ways to Install Among Us on Mac

If the BlueStacks technique doesn’t work for you, or if your Mac isn’t strong enough to run it, there are several alternative options you may try. Many people advocate using Bootcamp, which enables you to install Windows 10 on your Mac and operate any Windows program. The only drawback is that this approach needs a legitimate installation of Windows. This solution will also only work on Macs that have an Intel CPU.

If you wish to experiment with BootCamp, follow our installation tutorial, then install Among Us using Steam as you would on any Windows system.

You may also use a program called PlayOnMac to play games like Among Us on your Mac. Instead of imitating Windows, this software makes use of Wine, an application layer that serves as a bridge between the macOS operating system and Windows programs. You can find our installation and use tutorial for PlayOnMac here.

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That’s How to Play Among Us on Mac

With this instruction, you should be able to play Among Us on your Mac in some fashion. Windows users will no longer be able to mock you for losing out on the most popular games of the day, even if you have to jump through hoops to get everything to function perfectly.

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