How to Improve Your View of Someone’s Discord Profile Image

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How to Improve Your View of Someone's Discord Profile Image
How to Improve Your View of Someone’s Discord Profile Image

In general, Discord does not allow you to see other users’ profile images in high quality. But it doesn’t mean you can’t see the larger and better version of someone’s display image.

Perhaps you need to view someone’s profile photo to identify them. Or maybe you come found a fascinating display image that you’d want to download and use as your own. Viewing someone’s Discord profile photo in full size is simple for some reason.

Use Discord Web to View Full-Size Profile Pictures

If you don’t want to utilize third-party applications and websites for such a simple chore, you may extract a higher-resolution version of someone’s profile photo using your web browser’s developer tools.

To begin, go to and sign in using your account. Then, choose the individual whose profile photo you wish to see in high resolution. This may be a buddy or a stranger you met when looking for random Discord servers to join. This is how the user’s profile page would look:

To launch the DevTools window, press Ctrl + Shift + I. This keyboard shortcut should work in almost every major web browser. If it doesn’t work, look for the keyboard shortcut for accessing DevTools in the browser you’re using.

Click the Select an Element in the Page option when the DevTools window appears.

It is located in the upper-left corner of the Google Chrome window. Other browsers may not have a comparable layout, so experiment with the choices first.

Then, after the element is highlighted, hover over the profile image and left-click.

Continue to extend the HTML elements (div > svg > foreignObject > div > img) until you come across an img tag with a src attribute. This property value represents the picture URL that you are searching for. Copy the URL and paste it into a new browser tab.

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Now, at the end of the URL, replace the?size=128 string to?size=512 or?size=1024. You may replace 128 with 256, 512, or 1024 depending on your preferred resolution. To see the Discord profile photo in high resolution, edit the URL and click Enter.

See Discord Display Pictures in High-Quality Using Dyno

The procedure described above has several phases and is not ideal if you want a fast and simple answer. Dyno, a Discord server moderation bot, is a better approach to acquire high-quality profile images. But that’s not what you’ll do with it.

You should instead utilize the bot’s whois function, which provides information about a single user, such as their joining date, user ID, registration date, server roles, and key rights.

Step 1: Invite Dyno to Your Server

Go to and click the Add To Server option on the site to begin. Select the Free Plan by clicking the Add to Server button to the right of it. Dyno will need to log in to your Discord account in order to see the list of servers you control.

Click Continue after selecting the server from the dropdown menu. Dyno will join the server in a few seconds and you will be able to use it to see Discord profile images in full size.

Step 2: Using the /whois Command

Now, in the message box, write “/whois @username,” where “/” is the character Dyno uses to identify instructions addressed to it and whois is the name of the function. Make careful to utilize the @ function to mention the person rather than just typing their username in the conversation.

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After you send the message, Dyno will reply with a nicely arranged card including all of the user’s information.

Because you’re just interested in the profile photo, expand it inside Discord and then click Open original to see it in a browser.

The high-quality picture will load quickly in your usual web browser.

Using Third-Party Websites to View Discord Profile Pics

The preceding approaches are most effective while using Discord’s online or desktop client. But what about people who rely only on the Discord app on their smartphones?

Don’t worry, third-party programs and websites allow you to see and save a user’s profile image. Toolscord is one such website.

Begin by visiting At first look, you’ll note that seeing a user’s display photo needs a Discord ID. The Discord ID is an 18-character number string that is used for identification.

By default, Discord conceals its users’ IDs. However, obtaining them is not impossible. All you have to do is activate Discord’s developer mode. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Next to your username, choose User Settings (the cog symbol). Then, from the left sidebar, choose the Advanced option. To enable Developer Mode, toggle it on.
  2. You may now right-click any user and choose Copy ID to retrieve that person’s Discord ID.
  3. Now you can right-click any user and select the Copy ID option to get that specific user’s Discord ID.

To access settings on the mobile app, touch your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then, go to Appearance and, in the Advanced section, enable Developer Mode.

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Next, access a user’s profile and choose the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner. To continue, choose the Copy ID option.

Once you’ve obtained the user ID, enter it into the Toolscord text area. To verify, click I’m not a robot and fill out the captcha. When you select View Profile, the user’s profile picture and other pertinent information will be shown.

Click on the profile picture to see it in full definition in a new tab. The picture may then be copied or saved to your computer.

Discord Is a Fun Place to Hang Out With Friends

Discord is the place to go whether you want to join a community you’re interested in or just need a place to communicate with your loved ones. If you understand how Discord servers and roles function, you can also utilize it as a team-management solution.

The Discord user interface may seem foreign to those who are new to the network. Knowing basic Discord tips and tricks can ease you into the learning process and make you feel more at ease while exploring the platform for the first time.

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