How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

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How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook
How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

Are you disappointed that Facebook has added the Reels feature? You are not alone in this. While some individuals (particularly producers) seem to love Facebook’s new short-form video function, many others wish it would go away.

If you fall into the latter category, you may be asking how to unfollow Reels on Facebook. This post will teach you how. ..

There’s No “Hide Facebook Reels” Button, Yet

Regrettably, there is no simple method to deactivate or hide Reels on Facebook. Because the function is still in its early stages, Facebook may offer a hide Reels option in the future. To prevent viewing Reels for the time being, you’ll have to utilize one of the following techniques…

How to Hide Reels On Facebook

Facebook is heavily promoting the Reels feature in order to increase uptake. They may be found in your News Feed, Watch, and Story panel. If you don’t want to see Reels, there are a few things you can do to prevent them.

1. Use Facebook Web

If you don’t want to watch Reels, your best choice is to use Facebook’s online version rather than the app. Reels will not display in your Facebook News Feed or Story.

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Facebook may ultimately push Reels to the website, but you’re safe for the time being. Even if it did, the web interface is typically preferable for avoiding unwanted postings.

2. Use an Older Version of Facebook

If you’re an Android user, you may try installing an earlier version of the Facebook app. However, this will not work on iOS since Apple does not allow you to downgrade programs.

To discover an earlier version of the Facebook app, go to any of the reliable APK sources, such as APKMirror. Once you’ve located one, remove the current Facebook app and replace it with the older one.

After installing the earlier version of the app, Reels should no longer display in your News Feed or Stories.

3. Hide Reels You’re Shown

This is a play on the algorithm that Facebook use to display stuff to you. The more you watch and interact with Reels, the more of them Facebook will display you. As a result, if you never watch or interact with Reels, Facebook will cease displaying them to you.

When the Reel panel appears, press the three dots just above it, then hit Hide. This tells Facebook that you don’t want to view Reels and that it should stop displaying them to you.

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This isn’t an ideal solution since you’ll have to do it every time the Reel panel appears. However, it is an effective method of training Facebook’s algorithm to cease showing you Reels. Unfortunately, these are the only three viable solutions for concealing Reels on Facebook right now. Another option is to use third-party Facebook programs such as SlimSocial and Frost.

These Are Your Only Good Options

However, we do not encourage them since they are typically not as good as the official software and cannot be trusted in terms of privacy. Disabling auto-playing movies is another approach to lessen the annoyance of Reels. You won’t have to worry about videos automatically playing and using your data this way.

To do so, launch the Facebook app and choose the menu option. Scroll down and choose Settings & Privacy > Settings. Choose Profile Settings > Media and Contacts > Autoplay.

How to Disable Auto-Playing Reels

You may then choose whether videos should never autoplay or just while you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Facebook Reels are here to stay, whether we like it or not. We do, however, have some control over how they auto-play and appear in our News Feeds. If you don’t like the new feature, maybe one of these solutions will make life easier for you until Facebook chooses to include a “hide reel” option.

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You can then choose to never autoplay videos or have them only autoplay when you’re on Wi-Fi.

Working Around Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels are here to stay, whether or not we like it. However, we do have some control over how they auto-play and when they show up in our News Feeds. If you’re not a fan of the new feature, hopefully, one of these workarounds will help make things more bearable for you until Facebook decides to give us a “hide reel” button.

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