How to Get Rid of Google Verification on Android

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How to Get Rid of Google Verification on Android
How to Get Rid of Google Verification on Android

Anyone who discovered your cellphone before Android OS version 5.1 (Lollipop) might simply overcome the lock (numerical PIN or pattern) with a simple factory reset. Google launched Google verification or Factory Reset Protection to address this issue.

While the addition of Factory Reset Protection is intended to render a lost-and-found device inoperable, there is a catch. This Android device safety feature might lock you out of your smartphone if you forget your login information or purchase a used device with an account still set up.

Here’s what you need to do.

What Is Factory Reset Protection?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature included into Android smartphones running OS 5.1 (Lollipop) or above. When you set up a Google account on your Android smartphone, FRP is immediately activated.

FRP stops anybody attempting to reset your phone from progressing beyond the first setup screen. It’s an anti-theft mechanism that, by essentially disabling the item, decreases the motivation to take it in the first place. To use the phone, enter the Google login and password that were previously set up on the device.

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How to Disable FRP to Bypass Google Account Verification

As previously stated, FRP is activated automatically when you check in to your phone with your Google account. To deactivate it, just delete your Google account from your Android smartphone.

Deactivating FRP is probably the simplest way to avoid Google verification. If you want to sell or give away your phone, or if you’re purchasing a used device, be sure the seller has deactivated their account before you purchase.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Cloud and Accounts (or Accounts on some brands).
  3. Select Accounts.
  4. Go to your Google account and choose Remove account.
  5. Tap on Remove account or I agree (or whatever affirmative action you’re provided with) to confirm you wish to delete your account.

Please keep in mind that this approach simply eliminates your device’s factory reset security. It does not unlock it, therefore if you want to go abroad, you will need to SIM unlock your Android phone individually.

If you still want to keep some degree of phone security after removing FRP, these Android applications that snap images of phone snoopers might assist.

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What Happens if You Don’t Remove Your Google Account?

If you do not delete your Google account, the phone will enter Google Reactivation Lock mode. With Reactivation Lock on, you cannot use the device even after a factory reset until you turn it off. Here’s how to turn off or on Samsung Reactivation Lock.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification

Because Google account verification is a necessary security element, there is no approved method to avoid it. Many FRP bypass approaches are based on security problems that are often corrected with the newest Android security updates, making it impossible to circumvent Google verification with most manufacturers (particularly the current models).

Consider utilizing some unlocking software that you might get online. Some of these applications promise to be able to unlock the screen fast by deleting the Android phone’s PIN, password, fingerprint, and pattern, but there’s no assurance that they’ll work.

If you buy a used phone, we suggest that you ask the prior owner to unlock it for you. You’ll save yourself the hassle of attempting to overcome Google account verification after resetting. While iOS devices are deemed more secure than Android smartphones, Apple’s iCloud activation lock may also be removed.

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Bypassing Google Account Verification Isn’t Easy

To unlock an Android smartphone, Google account verification needs more than a factory reset. The good news is that it’s simple to prevent if you delete your account before resetting your phone and giving it to someone else.

Keeping this in mind, always erase your account information before handing your used device on to the next user. It saves the user from having to go through the regular Google account verification procedure after a reset.

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