How to Get Custom Beat Saber Songs for Oculus Quest

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How to Get Custom Beat Saber Songs for Oculus Quest
How to Get Custom Beat Saber Songs for Oculus Quest

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games, but there’s much more to it than the title’s vanilla content. If you want to take things a step further, you should discover how to acquire personalized music on Beat Saber.

Continue reading to learn how to access custom tunes for Beat Saber on Oculus Quest devices.

Warnings When Installing Custom Beat Saber Songs

You must possess and have played Beat Saber at least once to complete this procedure.

Before we begin, keep in mind that this procedure will need you to install a modified version of Beat Saber on your Quest. Doing so is technically against the Oculus terms of service, which means there’s a potential (however remote) that your account may be banned. However, many individuals do this without incident, so there is little danger.

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Aside from account concerns, you’ll probably need to downgrade your Beat Saber version to add custom tunes. This means you’ll lose access to subsequent DLC packs, and certain functions may malfunction (including online play).

Updating Beat Saber will restore regular game functionality but will delete your unique tunes. To prevent losing anything, we’ll guide you through backing up your game first.

Step 1: Install SideQuest and Enable Developer Mode

To begin, install SideQuest on your PC. This is a great program for sideloading applications and games onto your Quest. If you’re unfamiliar, sideloading is the practice of installing programs from sources other than the official app store.

To make this work, you must first activate Developer Mode, which requires you to form a “organization” with Oculus. Sign in with your Facebook/Oculus account on the Oculus Developers website.

Make up a name for your group and check the I understand box before clicking Submit. If you agree to the conditions shown, you may be prompted to authenticate your account.

After that, if you’re using Windows, go to the Oculus ADB drivers download page and install them to allow your device to communicate over ADB. This is not required on Mac or Linux. If you extract the downloaded ZIP file, you’ll find a file named android winusb.inf within. Right-click on it and choose Install.

Enabling Developer Mode

You must now activate Developer Mode on your headset. The simplest method to do this is to launch the Oculus software on your phone and go to Menu > Devices. Scroll down and tap Developer Mode on the main page for your headset.

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You should be able to activate the Developer Mode slider here now that you’ve created a “organization.”

Using a USB cord, connect your Quest headset to your computer. When you put on your headset, you’ll be asked whether you wish to accept USB debugging. To enable your computer to transmit orders to your headset, choose Always allow from this computer.

At this time, the dot in the upper left corner of SideQuest’s screen should become green. This suggests that you are ready to go forward.

Step 2: Back Up and Uninstall Beat Saber

You cannot add custom tracks to Beat Saber while using the current version. At the time of writing, the most recent version that works with custom songs is 1.17.x, with 1.19 being the most recent release. If you’re on a newer version (confirm by looking at the Version box on the Beat Saber Oculus Store page), you’ll need to downgrade first.

Before you downgrade, make a backup of your Beat Saber data to ensure you don’t lose anything. To back up the whole game, click the nine-square symbol at the top of SideQuest, which will display all of your games.

Click the Gear icon next to Beat Saber. Force close the app to ensure the game isn’t running, then choose Backup Game Data (and Backup APK File if you want a copy of the game’s installation file as well).

You may also back up the game’s individual data files as a precaution. To do so, go to the following location by clicking the Folder symbol at the top of the SideQuest window:

sdcard > Android > data > com.beatgames.beatsaber > files

Click the Save icon next to each file that ends in.dat. You are not required to save the.dat.bak files, however you may save settings.cfg if you choose. You’re requested to store the files anywhere on your PC.

You are now ready to remove Beat Saber in order to install an earlier version. On the SideQuest Apps screen (the nine squares at the top), click the Gear icon next to Beat Saber and choose Uninstall App.

Step 3: Downgrade Beat Saber

It’s now time to install an earlier version of Beat Saber. Open a new tab and make sure you’re signed into your Facebook/Oculus account. Then, get a hold of a copy of Beat Saber’s 1.17.1 APK. If you get a problem, ensure that you are signed into Oculus using the same browser and that you own the game.

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Drag and drop the Beat Saber APK into the SideQuest logo on the Apps screen, where you removed the game.

This will download and install an earlier version of Beat Saber on your Quest, which may take a few moments. SideQuest will notify you when it is completed.

Step 4: Install BMBF

Finally, you’re ready to install BMBF (which stands for nothing) and get access to bespoke Beat Saber tunes. To install it, use the SideQuest search box to look for “BMBF.” Click Download App (Sideload) on the app’s website to install it on your Quest.

When the installation is finished, disconnect your headset and put it on. To bring up the navigation menu, press the Oculus button on the right controller, then pick the nine-square Apps icon on the right side. Open the top-right dropdown (which may presently indicate All) and change it to Unknown Sources.

BMBF will be on the list. When you open it, the software will walk you through the procedures of customizing your Beat Saber copy so you may utilize custom tunes.

This is an automated procedure; follow the suggestions regarding the choices to pick in order for it to finish effectively. You’ll need to allow Beat Saber permission to access files on your device, among other things.

When BMBF is finished, you’ll be sent to the main playlist screen. If it’s not responding, close the app using the X in the bottom-left corner and reopen it.

Step 5: Add Custom Songs and Enjoy

You may now add music to Beat Saber and listen to them in-game. There are various methods to do this, the majority of them include using the BMBF app on your Quest.

There are various tabs near the top of BMBF. Open BeastSaber from the Browser area to explore and download dozens of custom tunes. Browse the suggested list or search for a song, then click the Download button to add it to the install list.

If you don’t want to use your headset for all of this, go to the SyncSaber page. After making an account, you may use this to sync tracks you’ve saved on BeastSaber’s website. Enter your BeastSaber login here to get all of your saved bookmarks. You may also sync trending tracks, artists you’ve followed, and other information. Make careful to sync your profile if you make a change and wish to import tracks into the game.

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When you’re ready to put your songs to the test, return to the Playlists page to manage them. You can create new playlists and arrange them here, but you may want to use a desktop tool like Playlist Editor Pro to do so. Finally, in the top-right corner, click the Sync to Beat Saber button to add the music to your game. When you add new tracks, you must sync them or they will not appear in your game.

You may get two prompts each time you start Beat Saber. The first instructs you to upgrade the game, while the second instructs you to restore the official version of the software. Always choose Update Later in the first window and never Restore in the second. You may dismiss the popup and continue; upgrading or restoring will undo all of your previous work.

Once within Beat Saber, all of your tracks will be listed under a new Custom tab. They work similarly to the rest of the game, so you may save them to your favorites, practice with them, and so on.

You may also download new tracks directly inside Beat Saber by accessing the new panel on the left side of the main menu. This allows you to search BeastSaber (as well as other services) and add them to your list.

Because not all personalized songs are made equal, have a look at the ratings to see what others think. Finding nice ones may need some searching.

Enjoy Endless Custom Songs in Beat Saber

You now have everything you need to listen to customized Beat Saber tunes on your Oculus Quest. There are millions of tunes to discover, allowing you to delve into your favorite genres.

As you go through the levels, Beat Saber will become an excellent fitness video game.

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