How to Get and Share Your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up Report

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How to Get and Share Your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up Report
How to Get and Share Your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up Report

Presenting year-end wrap-ups on social media, music applications, and gaming platforms is becoming a trend. Though a little late to the wrap-up party, PlayStation is here to offer you a rundown of your gaming hours in 2021.

This summary contains information such as the number of hours you’ve played, the console you’ve used, and the games you’ve played the most.

How to Access the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

To get your gaming summary, go to 2021 Wrap-Up and login in with your PlayStation credentials. The website will display your 2021 wrap-up after you’ve logged in.

This wrap-up will show you how many hours you spent on PlayStation in 2021, which system (PS4 or PS5) you used, what games you played, and how many trophies you got. In addition to your own metrics, there are communal stats, such as how many hours the PS5 community has invested into Returnal.

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When you consider all of the hours you’ve spent gaming, keep in mind that the time you spent having fun is not time squandered! Share your conclusion with your colleagues.

PlayStation delivers four free avatars to players who glance at their gaming summary to sweeten the bargain and encourage them to check their stats. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Get Your Reward. This will provide you with the code for the wrap-up avatar pack, which you may use immediately or later.

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The PlayStation wrap-up seems to be accessible only if you’ve already agreed to specific data-collection conditions. If you can’t access the PlayStation wrap-up, it might be because you refused certain data-collection conditions or because your location has data-collection regulations. Many people have reported being unable to get their PlayStation wrap-up, and this seems to be the most likely explanation.

The minimum amount of hours required to qualify for PlayStation’s wrap-up is ten. If you’ve played for fewer than 10 hours in 2021, you probably don’t need a wrap-up.

Your 2021 PlayStation Experience Wrapped Up

2021 passed in the blink of an eye, yet the time you spent gaming and having fun was far from insignificant. PlayStation has joined the wrap-up craze, and on the PlayStation 2021 wrap-up website, you can see how many hours you’ve invested into various games.

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Though some players have difficulty obtaining their PlayStation wrap-up, the wrap-up provides a solid overview of your PlayStation experience in 2021. You even receive a free gift on top of that!

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