How to Forward SMS to Your Email Address on Android

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How to Forward SMS to Your Email Address on Android
How to Forward SMS to Your Email Address on Android

If you reside in a region with good data coverage, you probably communicate online the majority of the time. We do, however, sometimes get SMS messages.

The majority of them are security keys, delivery messages, or SMS messages from loved ones who aren’t online. Unfortunately, if you’re busy and focused on your business, you may overlook these critical warnings.

To address this, you may set your Android smartphone to automatically forward SMS to your email. This is how.

Apps You Can Choose From

Many applications allow you to send messages from your phone to your email. A basic “Forward SMS to Email” search, for example, yields hundreds, if not thousands, of results. You may also set up an automated forward command using smart applications such as IFTTT and its competitors.

SMS Forwarder – Auto forward SMS to PC or Phone is perhaps the greatest program particularly developed for SMS forwarding. It’s easy to use, has many filters, and can send messages to another phone number. The best part is that it is completely free to use!

Download: SMS Forwarder (Free, in-app purchases available)

Setting It Up for the First Time

When you first use the program after downloading it, you’ll see a screen that explains how it works and what it can and cannot do. The following page also warns you that you are being scammed if you are requested to install the software. The warning aids in the protection of its user base and the prevention of fraud.

Step 1: Give Permission

Permission must be granted for the app to read your messages, check your phone status, and read contact data. After clicking the AGREEMENT button, you must choose ALLOW on the following three windows for the program to function.

Step 2: Set Up Your Email Address

After you’ve adjusted the permissions, you’ll notice the Update notes, followed by the Key Guides, which include general instructions. The SET UP EMAIL button is also visible. This is where you enter the address to whom the SMS will be sent.

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After pressing the button, you may choose None, Via Gmail API, or Via SMTP. If you do not have a Gmail account, you may forward your emails using SMTP.

If you choose Gmail, you’ll be taken through a series of displays asking for permission to send email on your behalf. Allowing it allows the app to utilize your email to route your SMS to your specified email address.

To ensure that email binding is effective, click SEND TEST EMAIL and check your inbox for the test email.

Step 3: Turn Off Battery Optimization

After you’ve configured your email, you must disable the app’s battery optimization. This guarantees that the software runs in the background and forwards any messages you receive. This may be done from the Ignore Optimize battery usage screen.

Select GO TO SETTINGS from the dropdown menu, then look for SMS Forwarder. Tap it, then choose Don’t allow. Remember to click OK!

Return to the app and tap DONE. The basic setup is now finished.

Creating Your First Filter

You most likely do not want every text message you get sent to your email address. Only communications that fulfill particular criteria are transmitted via filters.

Tap on the Filters view while you’re on the app’s home screen. Then, press + to begin constructing your first SMS forwarding command.

Set Up Recipients

You must choose who will get the text messages you need to forward from the top. You may assign this to anybody or any number.

For example, if you’re using a business phone and want to forward SMS messages to your email, enter your email address.

Another use is if you have a team and they need a security code texted to your phone number in order to get into their account. Simply include their email addresses or phone numbers as recipients, and you’re ready to go!

You may add as many recipients as you like, so you can include everyone in your workplace if you wish. However, we do not endorse it.

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Forwarding Conditions

This is the part where you provide the keywords metrics that will cause the SMS to be sent. Each area has a question mark that may be tapped for further information, but here’s all you need to know.

  • What should be transferred? relates to the kind of messages that the app will send. If you simply want to forward text messages, choose SMS. However, if you wish to transmit other app alerts, such as those from your bank’s app, you may choose Notification instead.
  • From who allows you to choose which numbers the app should send messages to and which it should ignore. If you leave this box empty, the program will search through all messages for the next set of rules.
  • You may define text rules to forward messages only if they include certain words or phrases. If the words you enter are inside one of the boxes, the program must follow both criteria. However, if the OR option is used, only one condition must be fulfilled in order for the message forwarding to work.

Change the Content

This area enables you to modify the SMS’s content. You may personalize the email by adding your own message under Message Template. You also have five other choices for adding information.

Replace words lets you replace or delete words and phrases in a text message. This is very handy if you wish to conceal certain information in the message. In this area, you may edit the Filter Name and Email Subject. If you have a dual-SIM phone, you may choose which SIM to monitor under SIM Number. You may also choose which SIM card will be used when forwarding a text message to another phone.

More Settings

Tick Notification under Options if you wish to be notified whenever the filter activates. If you choose Save Results, it will also save every instance of command execution. Finally, the Postpone delivery option allows you to delay email forwarding by up to 24 hours and 59 minutes.

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If you don’t want to bother your receivers on weekends, choose SET WORKING TIME. This guarantees that the filter will only operate during the hours and days you specify.

When you’re satisfied with the results, click SAVE. It will inquire if you want to receive a test message. After that, the filter will appear in the Filters list.

You may enter as many codes as you like. Deactivating a filter is as easy as touching on the slider.

If the program is correctly working, you should notice a Foreground service in your notifications. This verifies that it is presently monitoring your communications and will function as expected.

If you need to be away from your phone yet still get messages, SMS Forwarder is an amazing software. It is simple to set up and operate while yet having significant capabilities.

If you find this program helpful, please consider supporting the creator. You may do so by purchasing an in-app purchase to remove the advertising. Regardless of whether you pay or keep it free, you receive this wonderful, light software that makes your life easier.

Support the Developer

The SMS Forwarder is an excellent app if you need to stay away from your phone but still need to receive texts. It’s quick to set up and easy to use while still retaining powerful features.

So, if you find this app useful, don’t hesitate to support the developer. You can do by removing the ads via an in-app purchase. But whether you pay or keep it free, you get this nice, light app that makes your life convenient.

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