How to Find YouTube Comments

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How to Find YouTube Comments
How to Find YouTube Comments

If you don’t know how to search effectively on YouTube, finding a certain remark might be difficult. It becomes worse when you have to browse through a page-long thread of comments. This might be aggravating, but there is a technique to more efficiently browse through YouTube comments.

We’ll teach you how to search through YouTube comments to locate what you’re searching for in this post.

Before we get into how to search YouTube comments, it’s worth noting that YouTube itself lacks a comment search option. This implies that if you’re seeking for a certain remark, you’ll have to go elsewhere. There are many methods for searching for comments on YouTube. Below, we’ll look at two of the most prevalent approaches.

There are two methods we propose for searching through YouTube comments. The first method is to just go to the video containing the desired remark and hit Ctrl + F (or + F on a Mac) to access the browser’s search feature.

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You may then put in a term or phrase, and the browser will highlight all occurrences of it on the page. The issue with this strategy is that YouTube does not automatically load all comments on a video. To see more comments, scroll to the bottom of the comments section. This may take some time depending on how lengthy the comments section is.

The second method is to utilize a browser extension or add-on to search through YouTube comments. There are other options available, however we prefer YouTube Comment Search.

YouTube Comment Search is a free browser extension that makes it easier to search through YouTube comments. When you install it, a search bar will appear above the YouTube comments area. You may use this search box to enter a term or phrase, and it will return all occurrences of that keyword or phrase in the comments area. This extension is compatible with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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YCS – YouTube Comment Search for Chrome Firefox (Free)

Simply follow the instructions below after you’ve installed the extension:

If you’re seeking for a certain remark you posted on YouTube in the past, you may also search for it. You must utilize the YouTube desktop site to do this.

  • Open YouTube and look for the video containing the comments you wish to go through. Scroll down until you see the extension loaded between the video description and the comment box.
  • Verify that the extension has finished loading the comments.
  • Enter the term you want to look for in the search field, then click Search.
  • The addon will then display all comments containing your keyword.
  • On the desktop site, click History in the left sidebar.

Searching for YouTube comments might be difficult, but there are a few approaches you can use to locate what you’re searching for. You’ll be able to discover the comments you’re searching for in no time if you use the strategies outlined above.

  • On the right sidebar, choose Comments.
  • To open the browser search bar, use Ctrl + F (or + F on a Mac). This will highlight all comments containing your keyword.
  • Press Ctrl + F key (⌘ + F on Mac) to open up the browser search bar.
  • This will highlight all the comments that contain your keyword.
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Searching for YouTube comments can be a bit tricky, but there are a few different methods that you can use to find what you’re looking for. By using the methods above, you’ll be able to find the comments you’re looking for in no time.

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