How to Download Spotify Music on Your Phone

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How to Download Spotify Music on Your Phone
How to Download Spotify Music on Your Phone

Spotify is an excellent music streaming site. However, you don’t want to lose that music if you’re not connected to the internet.

Let’s look at how to download songs from Spotify for offline play for continuous musical delight.

Requirements to Download Music on Spotify

You must be a Spotify Premium subscriber to download songs from the service. Unfortunately, free users can only download podcasts on their phones.

As a Spotify Premium subscriber, you may download your music in bulk from albums or playlists. Then you may listen to all of your music without being connected to the internet.

Spotify Download Limitations

There are two other conditions to be aware of.

You must go online at least once every thirty days to maintain your music downloaded. This is used by Spotify to ensure that your account still has Premium access. If you miss the deadline, Spotify will delete the tracks from your device automatically.

A total of 10,000 songs may be downloaded across a maximum of five devices. You will lose previous downloads if you download anything onto a sixth device. Spotify specifically deletes downloads from the device that hasn’t been used in the longest amount of time.

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If you need assistance determining which Premium option to choose, check out which Spotify membership is ideal for you.

How to Download Music on Spotify

To download songs from Spotify, make sure you have a Premium account. If you’re using Spotify Free, you won’t see any download options. Once you’ve logged in, proceed as follows:

  1. Locate an album or playlist that you wish to download.
  2. Select the album or playlist.
  3. Tap the Download toggle for Android users. Tap the clear arrow if you’re using iOS.
  4. A green arrow will appear when your download is complete.

While downloading your tracks, Spotify will notify you through notification or an in-app download progress percentage. Spotify will indicate playlists or albums in the queue as waiting to download.

Spotify’s Offline Mode and Managing Music

Use Spotify’s Offline mode if you simply want to listen to your downloaded songs. To access it, go home and then to Spotify’s settings. Using the toggle button under Playback, enable Offline mode.

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Spotify keeps you updated on what material you have access to when in Offline mode. If you touch on only a following artist (no song or album likes), Spotify will show up a message reminding you to go online.

Non-downloaded music will be grayed out or concealed while you explore artists, playlists, or albums. Unhide music by checking the Show unplayable songs box under Playback.

If you decide you wish to download any unavailable tracks, you may do so in Offline mode. To schedule a download, just hit the download option on your Spotify app.

Waiting to download prompts will appear next to any queued playlists, artists, or albums in Your Library. Spotify will automatically download your tracks when you deactivate Offline mode.

Spotify’s administration revolves upon its download button when it comes to organizing presently downloaded songs. If you need to free up space or redownload to another storage device, erase any previously downloaded music by tapping the toggle button or green arrow (depending on your device). If you need to redownload anything, just hit the appropriate button type again.

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While Spotify strives to make its procedure simple and ubiquitous, it can always be improved. Check out how to manage your Spotify playlists for the most control over your music collection.

Enjoy Your Downloaded Spotify Music

It’s simple to develop a fantastic offline collection after you’ve learnt how to download Spotify’s music on your phone. Just bear in mind that you must adhere to Spotify’s standards in order to preserve your music.

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