How to Do Reddit Spoilers

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How to Do Reddit Spoilers
How to Do Reddit Spoilers

Spoilers may spoil everyone’s enjoyment. You may destroy someone’s experience totally by revealing significant story aspects or endings, whether it’s the conclusion of an ongoing series or a webtoon.

To make things easy for everyone, Reddit has a spoiler tag that enables you to conceal sections of your comment or post so that others don’t accidently read it. Only those who are really interested will click and read the remark.

But when should you utilize spoiler tags? And how exactly do you do it? Continue reading to find out!

When to Use the Spoiler Tag on Reddit

Redditors are more likely to read and view stuff they don’t want to because of the way Reddit is designed. After all, you have no idea what you’re going to read until you read it.

Spoiler warnings should be included in the comments here. Reddit’s spoiler tags allow you to conceal the portion of your remark that includes spoilers, as well as provide a visual notice that your comment contains spoilers.

This manner, no one will skim over critical material by mistake. Because kids have to click on the concealed content to read it, they are responsible if they are spoilt.

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Nobody wants a program, movie, or book to be spoiled, thus as part of Reddit’s unwritten etiquette standards, Redditors have an unwritten agreement to include spoiler tags in their comments and posts when necessary.

If you want to post on Reddit, you should follow this guideline as well. Using the spoiler tag incorrectly may ruin other people’s experiences and lose you Reddit karma points.

Here’s how to put a spoiler mark or filter in your Reddit comment:

  1. Go to the comment section of a post.
  2. Type in your comment.
  3. In spoiler tags, highlight the section you wish to conceal.
  4. Click the exclamation mark with the Spoiler tooltip from the toolbar underneath.
  5. When you do this, the highlighted section of your remark will be highlighted with a dark background color to signify that it is in a spoiler tag. After you leave your remark, the spoiler tag will be black until the reader clicks on it.

Markdown may also be used for this purpose. If you are not signed in to Reddit, the Markdown Mode will not appear for you, so make sure you are before continue.

Here’s how to use Markdown for a spoiler warning on Reddit:

  1. Next to the Comment button, choose Markdown Mode.
  2. Type in your comment.
  3. Put a >! at the start of the section you wish to label as a spoiler. This is the start of the tag. Anything prior to this will not be considered a spoiler.
  4. At the end of the spoiler, add a! The spoiler tag will now be removed. The remainder of the remark will not be tagged as a spoiler.
  5. To post your comment, click the Comment button.
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Both strategies get the same result. It simply depends on whether you choose to use code.

How to Add the Spoiler Tag in Reddit Posts

On Reddit, you may designate a whole post as a spoiler in addition to comments. It makes no difference if your post is a picture, a video, or simply plain text. Marking the post as a spoiler will make it seem blurry in the Reddit stream. By clicking on it, Redditors may see the content of your post.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Reddit home page.
  2. To make a new post, click the Plus symbol in the top toolbar.
  3. Choose the community in which you wish to make the post.
  4. Enter or upload anything you’d want to publish.
  5. Select the Spoiler flair from the bottom bar.
  6. When your post is complete, click Post.
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The end product will look like the picture below. Until you click on the post, it will remain obscured.

Don’t Spoil the Fun

Reddit is a digital forum where individuals can talk about almost anything with anybody. Most of the time, this is a positive trait, but it may also lead to you gazing at something you don’t want to. Redditors utilize the spoiler tag or flair to prevent this from occurring.

When you use the spoiler tag in your remark, it hides the specified section of your comment from the reader until they click it. This also applies to postings, which will be veiled until the user clicks on them.

Remember to follow Reddiquette so that you and your fellow Redditors have a positive experience on the platform!

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