How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling in Android

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How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling in Android
How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling in Android

Wi-Fi calling is a fantastic feature that allows you to make calls and send messages using a consistent wireless internet connection rather than your carrier’s cellular network. This function might be quite beneficial in locations with weak cell coverage. However, for many of us, Wi-Fi calling is unnecessary and merely serves to send even more annoying alerts to our phones. So, how can you disable Wi-Fi calling on your Android phone if you don’t want or need it? Let us investigate.

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling

In terms of speech quality and call dependability, Wi-Fi calling outperforms cellular calling. You can even conserve bandwidth and battery life by utilizing Wi-Fi calling instead of calling via your mobile carrier.

It becomes frustrating, though, if you are continuously assaulted with messages to switch off Wi-Fi calling or pay attention to the settings. And, with cell carrier coverage expanding by the day, it’s not necessary to have this option enabled.

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This article will show you how to disable Wi-Fi calling on both normal Android handsets and Samsung devices.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling on Android Devices

There are simply three easy steps to switch off Wi-Fi calling on most Android smartphones.

To begin, open your phone’s settings app. Swiping down at the top of your screen to bring down your quick access menu and pressing on the cog symbol will get you there fast.

  1. Select Connections from your phone’s settings app, which should be at the top of your settings menu.
  2. In the following menu, you should find Wi-Fi calling as an option, with a toggle switch right next to it.
  3. If it’s blue, Wi-Fi calling is enabled; deactivating Wi-Fi calling will make the toggle switch gray.
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If you ever wish to use the Wi-Fi calling capability on your Android, just repeat these procedures.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling on Samsung Devices

Disabling Wi-Fi calling on a Samsung handset is much easier than on a basic Android device.

  1. To begin, launch your phone app and tap the three vertical dots on the right border of the screen.
  2. Scroll down until you find Wi-Fi Calling, then tap it. To disable Wi-Fi calling, look for a fast toggle button that you may flick to the off position.

If you ever want to reactivate Wi-Fi calling, just repeat these steps and toggle it back on in your phone app’s settings.

Alternatively, much like on a typical Android phone, you may go to your phone’s settings app, click Connections, locate Wi-Fi Calling, and turn it off.

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Try Working Out the Kinks Before Turning Off Wi-Fi Calling

When it works well, Wi-Fi calling may be a valuable tool. You may discover that you never want to use it on your Android, but it’s worth testing out the function before saying goodbye.

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