How to Disable Quick Chat in Among Us

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How to Disable Quick Chat in Among Us
How to Disable Quick Chat in Among Us

Among Us is a communication-focused game. Working with your crewmates, accusing others, and ejecting imposters are all part of the game. Among Us has a fast chat function that allows you to choose pre-written words, although you may want to disable it so you may write freely.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to deactivate rapid chat in Among Us.

What Is Quick Chat in Among Us?

Innersloth, the game’s creator, introduced a brief chat feature to Among Us in early 2021. It allows you to send messages to other players based on templates organized into categories such as accusation, systems, and location. You may, for example, choose “Please do your chores” or “A murdered B.”

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Quick conversation has two purposes. First, as the name implies, it allows you to rapidly choose frequently used words rather than typing them out every time. Second, it safeguards younger players. When rapid chat is enabled, the usual free chat (where you may say anything you want) is disabled.

How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

You cannot use free chat in Among Us if you have a visitor account or are under the age of 13. Create an Among Us account from the game’s main screen to fix the former; you’ll need to give your date of birth during account creation.

Look for the Chat Type option while establishing or looking for an Among Us lobby. If you have an account and are 13 or older, you may use this to switch between Quick Chat Only and Free Chat. If you choose Fast Chat Only, you will only be able to send and receive quick conversation messages; no one in the lobby will have free chat.

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You may type regularly and say anything you want in free chat games. However, filtering may still be used to guard against harsh words. Navigate to the game’s options page to enable or disable Censor Chat.

Previously, the Chat Type option could also be found on the settings screen. However, it is now located in the lobby creation/search mode, allowing you to quickly transition between the two modes.

Play Among Us However Suits You

Whether you want to express yourself freely or keep the discussion safe and confined to predetermined words, Among Us enables you choose between the two with ease, regardless of platform—as long as you’re of legal drinking age.

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