How to Create an Instagram Story Collage

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How to Create an Instagram Story Collage
How to Create an Instagram Story Collage

Instagram’s Stories feature makes it simple to share what’s going on in your life. The nicest part about Instagram stories is that there is no pressure to publish the perfect photo or video.

Additionally, before sharing, you may publish a single image or merge numerous photographs into a photo collage. Making a picture collage saves your followers time by eliminating the need for them to scroll through hundreds of different Stories.

We’ll teach you how to add numerous photos to your Instagram Story in this post. Let’s get started.

Ways to Create a Photo Collage for Instagram Stories

There are three methods to create an Instagram Story picture collage. Instagram Story collages may be made using stickers, layout mode, or third-party collage creation tools.

We’ll go through each strategy in depth. Let’s start with the first one, which makes use of stickers.

1. How to Make a Photo Collage Using Stickers

This is the simplest way to create a picture collage for your Instagram Stories. The main drawback is that, as of September 2021, this approach only works on iOS. To make your collage, follow these steps:

  1. Inside Instagram, go to Your Story and snap a photo. Don’t stress about getting the ideal photograph; this will serve as a backdrop for the photo collage.
  2. Use available tools, such as the airbrush tool, to edit your picture to your liking. Tap the airbrush tool, choose a color, and then mask the picture with the brush to totally obscure the background image.
  3. Exit Instagram but leave the app open. Simply go to your phone’s home screen.
  4. On your iPhone, open the Photos app or camera roll.
  5. To upload a picture to your Instagram Story, tap on it.
  6. Select Copy Photo from the Share menu at the bottom.
  7. Return to Instagram. The app should still be available on the Story creation page.
  8. Instagram will almost immediately display an Add sticker pop-up with the copied picture. To add a picture to your Story, tap it. If the pop-up window closes before you can press it, choose the text option (Aa) in the top right. To add your picture, press and hold the screen and choose Paste.
  9. Now that the picture is on your Story, you may relocate, resize, and even rotate it as desired.
  10. Once finished, repeat the process to add additional pictures to your collage as desired.
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If you have an Android phone, utilize the other two techniques to create a collage.

2. How to Make a Photo Collage Using Layout Mode

Another option for making a collage is to utilize the layout mode. A collage, like stickers, does not need the installation of an extra app. The approach is also compatible with Android and iOS.

Here’s how to make a collage in Instagram’s Layout mode:

  1. Open the Stories section by tapping Your Story.
  2. To enter Layout mode, tap Layout on the left-side menu.
  3. Tap Change Grid to pick your preferred layout. The quantity of photographs you choose to use in your collage should be your guidance. Choose the six-grid arrangement if you have six images. Remember, you won’t be able to modify the layout beyond this point.
  4. To add a picture to your grid, tap the Plus symbol at the bottom. To snap a photo, you may also use the standard camera shutter button. Repeat until all of the grids are filled.
  5. Once finished, tap the checkmark symbol at the bottom.
  6. Finally, utilize various editing capabilities inside Stories to make your collage stand out.
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That’s how you construct a collage in Instagram’s Stories layout mode. The third and last method is to use third-party programs to make a collage.

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3. How to Make a Photo Collage Using Third-Party Apps

You may make a picture collage using a variety of third-party applications. The greatest advantage of third-party applications is their adaptability. These applications provide a plethora of unique functions that you would not normally find embedded into Instagram.

However, you should only choose them if you don’ mind an additional download.

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We’ve compiled a list of the top photo collage apps for Android and iOS to save you time wading through hundreds of possibilities.

Share Multiple Photos in One Instagram Story Using Photo Collages

We’ve all seen Instagram Story updates that are just too many to read. The ones you start watching and then become bored with. By uploading more than one picture every Instagram Story update, you may avoid such instances by using collages. We’ve included three methods for making a collage. There is no justification.

However, sharing picture collages on Instagram is just one method. There are additional options for enhancing your Instagram experience.

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