How to Create AI Images From Text Descriptions Using DALL-E 2

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How to Create AI Images From Text Descriptions Using DALL-E 2
How to Create AI Images From Text Descriptions Using DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is one of the most popular AI systems, allowing users to produce fantastic art using text prompts. We’ll teach you how to make AI art from scratch as well as alter your own photographs on the platform in this post.

What Is DALL-E 2?

DALL-E 2 is a platform for artificial intelligence picture production that enables users to generate graphics from scratch using text prompts. It is powered by GPT-3, an artificial intelligence algorithm that translates natural language to visuals.

Users may also upload their own photographs and change them using text prompts to create whole new pieces of art. Variations that are customizable may also be built for additional upgrades.

DALL-E 2 is presently in beta and needs a waitlist sign-up to acquire access. It’s comparable to Midjourney, another AI art creator. Here’s how to make use of Midjourney.

How to Get Access to DALL-E 2

To join the waitlist, go to the Open AI website and fill out the form. Don’t anticipate an invitation right away. Because there are hundreds of thousands of people on the queue, you may have to wait several weeks to acquire access during the beta period. DALL-E 2 operates on a credit system. Users get 50 free credits the first month and 15 fresh credits per month on the same day as the first sign-up. Additional credits are available for $15 in bundles of 115.

How Much Does DALL-E 2 Cost?

If you’re new to AI-generated art, try viewing YouTube lessons before playing with your free credits. They move exceedingly quickly since each picture production or new variant costs one credit.

A few things worth noting about credits:

  • Free credits are only valid for the month in which they are granted and do not carry over.
  • Credits purchased are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • The photographs you make on DALL-E 2 are yours to keep and may be used for personal or business purposes.
  • You have the same ownership rights for free and bought credits.

Before we begin teaching you the dashboard and how to make photos with DALL-E 2, you should read the DALL-E content policy page.

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The DALL-E Content Policy

There are restrictions on the kind of photos that may be created, as well as extremely restrictive laws for works featuring identifiable individuals. Violations of these regulations may result in suspension from the platform, thus familiarizing oneself with them is essential if you want to stay in good standing.

Let us first demonstrate how to use DALL-E 2. We’ll go through each part so you know where to go when it comes time to generate your photographs.

How to Navigate DALL-E 2

If you’re altering a picture or doing anything else and want to return to the homepage fast, press DALL-E or the icon next to it in the top left corner of the page.

The Homepage Shortcut

My Collection may also be located in the page’s top left corner. All of your artwork, including variants, may be found here.

My Collection

A random question will be produced when you click on Surprise Me. If you’re stuck for ideas, this is a wonderful way to put DALL-E 2 to the test. This will not cost you a credit unless you want to Generate.

Surprise Me

If you continue to click on Surprise Me, it will swiftly produce fresh suggestions for you to attempt.

In DALL-E 2, the primary workhorse tool is Generate. Every time you click, a picture will be generated depending on the words you input.


When you click here beneath the bar where you enter your prompt, a popup window will appear in which you may upload a file. We’ll go over this more later.

Upload an Image to Edit

The photos on the main page are impossible to overlook. They are all examples of photos generated entirely using DALL-E 2. Hovering over a picture displays the text prompt used to make it.

Sample Images

Your user information may be found in the top right corner of the page. You may buy credits and access more features from here.

User Profile Tab

The history icon is located under the user profile. Thumbnails of your most recent photographs may be seen here. When you click New, all of the photographs are cleared and a new session is created in the history.

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Recent and New

As previously said, the Generate box will be the primary location for producing art in DALL-E 2. Simply define what you want to produce and press the Generate button. DALL-E 2 will then generate four square pictures depending on your suggestion (at the cost of one credit, not four).

How to Use DALL-E 2 to Create Original Art

The more information you input, the more accurate the findings will be. We’ll make three photos in our initial example. Each prompt will be more comprehensive than the one before it. We’ll just enter “a duck in a pond” in the first picture.

The basic line is that the more information you input, the better and more accurate the picture will be. If you have a precise image in mind, it is likely that it will take many efforts to get near.

Next, we’ll add more to the description.

For the last image, we’ll add even more details.

Assume we’re pleased with one of the photos we made. We may now download it or modify it as we see fit. Let’s do both by clicking on one of the photographs.

Simply click on the arrow in the top right corner to download this picture. At the top, we also have Edit, Variations, Share, and Favorite choices. Let’s see what happens if we click on Variations.

There are a few possibilities at the bottom. In this example, we’ll replace the skyline using the Eraser tool.

We’ll choose one of them for editing.

The top half of the picture has been removed. You’ll see that a new text box with the Generate option appears. We’ll type “blue sky” into the text field and hit the Generate button.

You’ll notice a few weird outcomes with nonsensical lettering in the sky. But there is one version that seems to be worth keeping. We may store it as a Favorite or download it.

Even if you don’t get the outcomes you desire, there’s a strong possibility you’ll get fascinating results, and you could appreciate them just as much.

You may also improve your photographs using innovative AI photo editing tools like Luminar Neo.

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The ability to upload photographs to modify and develop variants is another key feature of DALL-E 2. We’ll put this function to the test on the following photograph of a prominent tourist attraction in northern France.

How to Edit an Uploaded Image With DALL-E 2

We are obliged to use a square crop whenever a picture is posted. This choice may change in the future, but for the time being, we must accept this constraint.

In Edit mode, we’ll choose the Eraser tool once again. Instead of replacing the sky, we’ll utilize it to make room for a ship.

Choose the Edit image option.

Now, as the prompt, type “a medieval ship sailing out to sea” and click Generate.

We have the same four possibilities as previously. If you are unhappy with the results, just click Generate again (this will cost an additional credit). To acquire a nice-looking ship, we had to click multiple times.

This is our last picture. It’s worth noting that we can still make versions and alter as much as we like.

This picture may also be imported into Photoshop for further creative tweaking. You may, for example, use Adobe’s Selection function to choose the sky and replace it with another image.

DALL-E 2 is a popular AI art platform that enables artists and non-artists alike to produce stunning work in a matter of seconds. Try DALL-E 2 to make your own unique and fascinating art.

Create Anything You Want With DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is one of the most prominent AI art platforms that’s making life easier for artists and non-artists alike to create spectacular work in a matter of moments. Give DALL-E 2 a go for yourself to create unique and exciting art.

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