How to Create a Personalized Cover Page in Microsoft Word

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How to Create a Personalized Cover Page in Microsoft Word
How to Create a Personalized Cover Page in Microsoft Word

We’re discussing initial impressions here. So let’s start with the first thing our eyes are drawn to—the cover page. The steps below will teach you how to create an appealing and professional cover page in Word.

Please keep in mind that you may utilize our guidelines to develop a cover page for your school project. However, before you add a cover page to your work, check with your teacher to see if there are any special requirements.

What Is a Cover Page?

A professional Microsoft Word document has several elements. The first page of your manuscript is the cover page. Its objective is to convey the reader the “Big Idea” about the paper straight away.

The why and why are expressed via a particular title, the author’s name, the date, a one-liner on the topic, and any other significant information that you believe the reader should know.

What Does a Plain Cover Page Look Like?

For serious research papers and school essays, Microsoft Word is employed. The majority of them use monochrome and basic cover pages. Strict style guidelines, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, are often followed. Other non-academic cover pages are a little more relaxed.

But what if you want to make a cover page in Word that is far from ordinary? Even if you lack the necessary skills? Create your own cover page using Microsoft Word’s simple capabilities and save it as your own cover page template.

Before utilizing a cover page for an academic work, consult with your teacher.

How to Make an Attractive Cover Page

Microsoft Word makes it simple to produce a business report cover page or an essay title page. The Microsoft Office suite includes a few well-designed cover pages that you may use for your project. There is a decent selection to pick from.

To make a cover page, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Word document.
  2. On the ribbon, choose the Insert menu.
  3. The first item you’ll notice on the menu is the Cover Page option (under Pages). Click the little arrow next to it to see the built-in template gallery. Choose one of the 16 pre-formatted templates or three more from
  4. Choose your favorite and click on it.
  5. Label: Label the cover page.
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By default, the cover page displays at the beginning of the document. To put it somewhere else, right-click on the cover page image in the gallery and choose from the choices. I’m not sure why you’d want to, however!

Customize Individual Fields

When you click on each pre-formatted field (the square brackets), the whole section is highlighted with a blue field label on top. Fill up the blanks with your version. If the Microsoft Office installation is in your name, the author name may show by default.

Put the typical information in Quick Parts so you don’t have to type it again and over.

Using the dropdown arrow, change the date fields and choose a date from a calendar. All fields may be formatted in the same way that regular text is.

Graphical cover page components, like any other picture, may be readily edited. Simply click on the image to bring up the Drawing Tools and Picture Tools choices on the Ribbon.

Change the Cover Page Design on the Fly

Changing a pre-formatted cover page is simple. The templates are made up of structured controls and graphic boxes that come in a variety of color schemes. As a result, you may modify any component of the template on the fly.

Is there a photo on the cover page template? Perhaps you’d want to replace it with a logo or another more fitting picture. Simply right-click on the image and choose Change Picture from the context menu.

Have you changed your mind regarding the design of the cover page? While working on one cover page, you may switch to another by picking a new template from the menu, which keeps the field inputs.

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To replace a cover page made in an earlier version of Microsoft Word, erase the initial cover page and then add a new design from the cover page gallery.

Click on Save to finalize the cover page as a document.

Select the full cover page if you want to save it for later use in another project.

Insert > Cover Page > Save Selected Cover Page to Cover Page Gallery You may delete a chosen cover page from the gallery using the same option.

How to Make a Cover Page in Microsoft Word

Word templates save time, but they don’t enable your individuality to show through. To add a personal touch, you should put in a little more work and create a cover page from scratch.

You have access to all of Microsoft Word’s picture editing capabilities. When you can create your own logo in Microsoft Word, creating a cover page becomes less of a bother. Use the procedure to borrow or steal ideas.

The picture below shows a bespoke cover page that I designed from scratch in Microsoft Word. To build the design, I took a few basic Shapes and structured them with color.

Save Your Custom Template

On a new Microsoft Word document, finish your cover page design. Save this document as a Microsoft Word template in a place of your choosing (File > Save As > Microsoft Word Template).

The next steps include adding your own cover page to the default options under the Insert menu. Take the following steps:

Press Ctrl + A to select the entire page.

Include these options in the Quick Parts gallery. Navigate to the Ribbon > Insert > Quick Parts menu (the Text Group). Choose Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery… from the dropdown menu.

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Fill up the dialog for a new Building Block with the necessary information. Building blocks are reusable Microsoft Word items that may be added to any of Word’s galleries. This is how the dialog box appears:

  • Gallery: From the dropdown menu, choose “Cover Pages.”
  • Category: Please choose a category. Create a new category for better organizing.
  • Save it in: Save it in your template or a building block. When you save a template as a building block, you may use it in any Word document without having to open the template.
  • A cover page provides the reader with a rapid overview of the information within.

Close the Building Block dialog box by clicking OK. Check your new cover page template by going to the Insert menu.

CreateCover Pages With Style

A cover page is one of the most effective methods to personalize your paper. Is it, however, one of Microsoft Word’s lesser-utilized features? A Microsoft Word document is often boring. Consider the advantages:

  • In the gallery, save and reuse a generic company-wide cover page.
  • With a single click, convert a document with a cover page to PDF and transmit it to any device.
  • Convert a document with a cover page to PDF with one button and send it to any device.

Most of us do not include a cover page with our documents. Whether you like, you may experiment with free Microsoft Word cover themes to see if they make your paper more visually appealing. Then you may start creating your own designs for a document’s first page.

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