How to Create a Personal Netflix Profile Picture

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How to Create a Personal Netflix Profile Picture
How to Create a Personal Netflix Profile Picture

How to Get a Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Tired of the profile photo selections on Netflix? Here’s how to customize your Netflix avatar while using a desktop browser.

Each Netflix account may have up to five profiles, each with its own collection of suggestions, preferences, and customizations. When you establish a profile, Netflix provides you a default profile photo, which you may replace with one of the Netflix-approved avatars. However, it does not enable you to upload your own image.

We’ll teach you how to obtain a personalized Netflix profile image on desktop using a browser plugin.

How to Get a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

Please keep in mind that this is merely a local modification. While your profile photo will change on your browser, it will not change on your phone or any other device. See our tutorial on how to alter your Netflix profile photo for more information, but you won’t be able to use a custom image.

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To begin, you’ll need the “Custom profile image for Netflix” Google Chrome browser plugin. Once in the Google Chrome Store, click Add to Chrome and then Add Extension.

If you’re already logged in to Netflix, you’ll be sent to your profile page in a new tab following installation. If you haven’t already, check in to your account and remain on the profile page when asked to choose a profile.

Then, to set a custom profile picture:

  1. Select Custom profile photo for Netflix from the Extensions menu at the upper right of the Google Chrome tab.
  2. From the Profile menu, pick the profile to which you wish to make changes in the Upload custom profile image box.
  3. Select one picture next to Image. You’ll be taken to your computer’s files.
  4. Locate and pick the picture file you wish to utilize, then click Open. Make sure the picture is no larger than 5MB.
  5. Once the image has been uploaded, you may adjust its position using the icons in the Alignment box—it functions as a cropping tool.
  6. When you’re satisfied with the crop, click away from the extension to shut it, then reload the Netflix website to view your new, personalized Netflix profile image.
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Check out our tutorial on how to make Netflix work better for you if you want to go even farther.

Make Netflix Perfect for You

Netflix’s profile image choices is rather restricted. You may use any custom profile photo you like by using a Google Chrome plugin and following simple procedures.

Now that you’ve decided on your profile image, it’s time to think about which browser is ideal for streaming Netflix.

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