How to Close Applications on Your Mac

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How to Close Applications on Your Mac
How to Close Applications on Your Mac

When you initially buy your first Mac, you may notice that it is quite different from a Windows system. The Dock is shining with various programs, the UI is more appealing, there is no Start button, and so on. However, unlike in Windows, there is no X button in the upper-right corner to exit programs.

There’s no need to be concerned; there are several methods to shut windows and programs on your Mac. We’ve covered all of them here.

Use the Close Button

The red Terminate button in the top-left corner of the app window is the quickest method to close an application. This is adjacent to the Minimize and Full-Screen buttons in yellow and green.

If you can’t see these buttons, you’re probably in Full-Screen mode. Simply move your mouse to the top-left corner of the screen, and the buttons should appear.

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When you hit the Shut button, certain programs may not leave fully, but rather close the current window. This is what occurs when Safari is used. To ensure that an app has exited, check sure there is no dot underneath it in the Dock. To fully exit an app, follow the techniques listed below.

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Using the menu bar to totally exit an app is a simple method to do so. To do so, first ensure that your app is active, and then click on the App’s name in the top menu bar. Choose Quit [App Name] from the list to exit the app.

If the program is still available as a shortcut in the Dock, ensure that there is no dot underneath it.

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Quit Apps From the Dock

You may also close any open programs from the Dock. Simply Control-click on the app icon and choose Quit [App Name], and the app will be closed.

If an app is unresponsive and refuses to leave, use the approach described above while holding down the Option key, which should offer you the option to Force Quit the program. Selecting this will cause the app to close.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you like utilizing keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be pleased to hear that hitting Cmd + Q on your keyboard will close the currently open program on your Mac. To shut numerous programs as quickly as possible, use the Cmd + Tab buttons to go through all of your open apps, closing them as you go.

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You may use this way to swiftly dismiss numerous programs on your Mac.

Quitting Apps on Your Mac

Hopefully, you now understand how to swiftly close programs on your Mac. Remember that clicking the Shut button to exit an app may just close the current window and not necessarily entirely exit it. Quitting any unnecessary open programs should free up memory and make your Mac operate quicker.

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