How to Change the Themes on the Nintendo Switch

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How to Change the Themes on the Nintendo Switch
How to Change the Themes on the Nintendo Switch

How to Change Nintendo Switch Themes

Looking for a quick yet effective way to improve the look of your Nintendo Switch? Here’s how to alter the theme.

Changing your Nintendo Switch theme enables you to choose different themes for your console’s home screen and operating system.

Changing between these themes will help you relieve eye strain, perhaps save battery life, and even cater to your personalized preferences.

We can assist you if you have ever wondered how to alter themes on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Select Themes on Your Nintendo Switch

Follow these instructions to choose one of the two major themes for the Nintendo Switch, Basic White or Basic Black:

  • Use the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to get to System Settings on your Nintendo Switch, then press A.
  • There are many choices for your Nintendo Switch under the System Settings menu. Navigate down each of the listed choices on the left side of your screen until you locate Themes.
  • With the Themes option selected, you should be able to view both the Basic White and Basic Black Nintendo Switch options.
  • Simply choose either theme to instantly change the display look of your Nintendo Switch.
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Other system settings options may be useful to you now that you know all there is to know about switching themes on your Nintendo Switch.

Knowing how to use features like changing region settings on your Nintendo Switch will help you maximize your own experience with the Nintendo eShop as well as the operating system on your Nintendo Switch.

Make the Most of the Personalization Options on Your Nintendo Switch

Setting a Nintendo Switch theme is a terrific method to express your preferences for how your system should look and feel. You may also switch different Switch themes to keep things interesting.

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However, you can take these customisation possibilities a step further by configuring settings based on home screen organization and game grouping to make the most of all your Nintendo Switch has to offer.

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