How to Change the Background of Safari on iPhone and iPad

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How to Change the Background of Safari on iPhone and iPad
How to Change the Background of Safari on iPhone and iPad

The initial page of Safari on the iPhone features a plain white backdrop. It becomes black while in dark mode. That’s all there is to it. However, with iOS 15 and later software versions, you may change the Safari backdrop to a colorful wallpaper.

You can even use a photo from the Photos app as the backdrop of Safari’s start page if you want something more personal. Continue reading to find out how to change the Safari background on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Change the Background in Safari on iPhone

The steps below will teach you how to change the background of Safari on your iOS/iPadOS device. Make sure your unique picture is in the Photos app if you wish to utilize it (and not elsewhere, like the Files app, Google Drive, or Dropbox).

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When you’re ready, go through the following steps to add or update the Safari background:

  1. Open Safari on an iPhone running iOS 15 or later and choose Edit from the home screen.
  2. Turn on Background Image.
  3. Apple provides pre-installed backdrop pictures. To utilize one, tap it.
  4. Alternatively, you may choose a photo from the Photos app by tapping the addition symbol (+).
  5. Finally, to end this page, hit the X in the top-right corner or drag it down. The Safari start page will be shown with a new backdrop.

Free Websites to Get Amazing Background Images for Safari

Only nine Safari backgrounds are available in iOS 15 and its successor, iOS 16. If you don’t like them, you may find great backdrops from websites that provide royalty-free and copyright photographs. Some of these websites include:

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Unsplash features a plethora of photographs in categories such as flowers, wildlife, fashion, architecture, abstract, interiors, movies, and more. The most current editorial photographs are shown on its site. You may browse through the options or use the search bar to locate something particular.

Pixabay has a variety of royalty-free photos that you may use for your Safari backdrop, iPhone wallpaper, and other purposes. There is no need for verification while downloading photographs in lesser resolution. For better resolutions, you may need to complete a Google captcha.

Pexels is another excellent resource for finding high-quality photographs for your projects, wallpapers, or Safari backdrop. The site has a gallery of beautiful photographs, and you can use the search box to select images connected to presents, nature, technology, models, wallpaper, and so on.

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Use Safari With a Beautiful Background!

You now understand how to transform the standard white or black Safari backdrop into something colorful, exciting, and personalized. You just need to be creative with the Safari backdrop you choose at this stage.

However, if you change your mind and want to revert to the simple style, just repeat the steps and switch off the Background Image option.

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