How to Begin Using Spotify Premium Duo

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How to Begin Using Spotify Premium Duo
How to Begin Using Spotify Premium Duo

There are several music streaming options accessible for your listening enjoyment right now. Spotify, like other streaming services, offers premium subscriptions. Spotify Duo is one of the company’s most intriguing initiatives.

Spotify Duo, a new option for music-loving couples, will be available in July 2020. (or friends living at the same address). Duo allows you to share a Spotify membership with someone while maintaining separate accounts for each of you.

Spotify Duo is the ideal music subscription option for any music-obsessed couple. So, with this post, we’ll walk you through the steps of getting started with Spotify Duo.

What Is Spotify Duo?

The Spotify Duo plan is a membership option for two individuals who live at the same location. Because you’ll each have your own Spotify account, you may listen to your Eminem playlist while your roommate listens to her Metallica playlist.

You do not share login information with your buddy; instead, you merely share the plan. Because you will be on the same plan, your premium account will have a cheaper monthly cost than if you had two separate Spotify premium accounts.

Spotify Duo costs US$12.99 per month, with corresponding pricing in other countries. Spotify will verify that you and your co-member reside at the same address.

You must reside with the primary account holder of the premium plan if you join a Duo account. You must also have an existing Spotify account to sign up for Spotify Premium Duo.

How to Subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo

You are the plan manager if you are the first person to sign up for Spotify Duo. This means you will be in charge of paying the monthly price, determining the account’s address, and adding or removing additional members at your discretion.

To start a Spotify Duo account:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Get Started option.
  3. Fill out all of your information, double-check it, then click the Buy Spotify Premium Duo button.
  4. Then, follow the steps to ask your Spotify Duo co-member to join your plan.

If you are not the plan manager but wish to participate in the Duo plan, you must log in to your Spotify account or establish one if you do not already have one.

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By accessing the Spotify Duo invite page, the plan manager may invite you to join Spotify Premium Duo. You may be invited to participate by email or WhatsApp. After you sign up, you will get an email or a WhatsApp message with more instructions.

Spotify Duo registration is fast and simple. Within a few minutes, you and your buddy will be enjoying all of the benefits of the Duo plan. You may also cancel Duo at any time without penalty.

Do you have any problems with Spotify? Before you join up for Duo, try out these quick remedies for frequent Spotify issues.

What Does the Spotify Premium Duo Plan Offer?

The Spotify Duo package includes all of the streaming platform’s standard features.

Make Your Own Awesome Playlists

You may create customized playlists with whatever music you like and post them on your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Tumblr). You may play your songs in order or set your playlist to shuffle for a more random experience.

Follow Your Favorites

Spotify enables you to follow friends or other users on the site who have similar musical likes to you. This creates a communal setting that any music enthusiast would enjoy being a part of.

Use Music Discovery to Find New Tunes

Spotify will propose artists and songs based on your music preferences and playlists. The streaming service will also produce a “Discover Weekly” playlist for you, which is a weekly two-hour mix based on your prior music choices.

Enjoy Offline Music Access

With Spotify Premium, you can download your playlists and listen to them while you’re not at home. This uses no mobile data and allows you to listen to all of your favorite songs while on the road. This is an excellent method to have music on your phone without having to pay each song. If you want to try another app that lets you to listen to music when not connected to the internet, check out our list of the top music download applications for Android and iOS. Spotify has collaborations with lyric websites Genius and SoundHound. On the smartphone application, you may see the lyrics for chosen songs. Some songs even provide an analysis of the lyrics’ meanings, so you may learn more about your favorite music.

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To Downloada Spotify playlist on your phone or computer:

  • Navigate to the playlist you wish to download. If you are not connected to wifi, this feature will consume your mobile data.
  • As you can see, there is a toggle switch labeled “Download.” Switch the toggle to the green position. Within a few minutes, your playlist will be downloaded.
  • Listen to your playlist as frequently as you want! Go to

Spotify Premium Duo also has a playlist named “Duo Mix.” This playlist is a compilation of songs that you and your coworker have both listened to. It creates a playlist based on the artists, genres, and songs you’ve listened to and refreshes it as you use the site. You may also choose a mood for your Duo Mix playlist:

Read and Learn About the Lyrics of Your Favorite Songs

This function is only accessible on mobile devices.

The Standout Feature of Spotify Premium Duo: The DuoMix

Spotify Duo need a few weeks to get to know your preferences. It may take this long for you to view choices depending on your coworker’s musical preferences.

To join Duo Mix:

  1. Select Join Duo Mix from the menu.
  2. Navigate to the blue Join button. You may unsubscribe from Duo Mix at any time by returning to your account page and selecting Leave Duo Mix.
  3. Your Duo Mix may be found under Made for You.

These areseveral ways to locate and play your Duo Mix:

  • In the Spotify search field, enter “Duo Mix.”
  • You may request that your smart speaker play your Duo Mix.
  • Select Chill (moon symbol) for easy listening and a slower pace. Return to the regular mix by tapping the moon symbol once again.

Do you like being able to share an app with your partner? If so, try out these couple apps for a home date night.

  1. Choose Upbeat (sun symbol) for a faster and more lively pace. To return to the usual mix, press the sun symbol once again.
  2. Select the Upbeat (sun icon) option for a quicker and more energetic tempo. To go back to the standard mix, tap the sun iconone more time.
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Spotify’s Premium Duo membership package undoubtedly offers something unique. Not only do you receive the standard benefits of a Spotify Premium account, but you also have the chance to interact with your partner via your musical interests.

One Spotify Premium account costs US$9.99/month, so choosing the Premium Duo membership plan will save you a few dollars each month. Splitting the premium plan cost will allow you to save money that you may use towards something else you like.

Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth the Cost?

Spotify Duo is a low-cost and enjoyable way to share music with someone you care about. Whether you have comparable or diametrically opposed musical interests. And, because of the lower price, Spotify Duo allows you to access the greatest Spotify Premium features for less money.

One Spotify Premium account costs US$9.99/month, so you will be saving afew bucks each month by using the Premium Duo subscription plan. Splitting the cost of the premium plan will help you save money that you canput towards something else you enjoy.

Spotify Duo Is Music Streaming for Two Made Easy

Spotify Duo is a cost-effective and fun way to share music with someone you care about. Whether you have similar or completely opposite tastes in music. And thanks to the reduced rate, Spotify Duo means you can enjoy the best Spotify Premium features for less money.

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