How to Add and Remove Facebook Shortcuts

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How to Add and Remove Facebook Shortcuts
How to Add and Remove Facebook Shortcuts

As the Facebook app is updated, all of the new features might become overwhelming. If you’re reading this, you’re probably seeking for a better way to organize your shortcuts on your home screen.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to streamline your navigation by changing the shortcuts tab. Here’s all you need to know about these symbols, as well as how to create and delete shortcuts in the Facebook app.

Facebook App Shortcuts Explained

Shortcuts in the Facebook app enable quick access to many sites and features—these icons may be found in the shortcut bar. This bar will be at the top for Android users and at the bottom for iPhone users. On desktop browsers, it also shows at the top of the Facebook website.

Because you don’t have to wade through a menu to get to where you want, the Facebook shortcuts bar makes navigating fast and straightforward. Most shortcuts can be deleted and re-added, and their notification dots can be turned off and on—we’ll show you how later.

First, let’s take a look at the Facebook shortcut choices available in the shortcut bar.


The first shortcut on the left, represented by a house symbol, is Home (the homepage). This is where you will find your Newsfeed. This shortcut cannot be uninstalled.

The Menu (the hamburger symbol) is on the far right and will open a page where you can quickly access items like saved posts, events, and some of the Facebook shortcuts that are also accessible via the shortcuts bar.

This Menu page has various sections where you may change the app’s settings. This is a necessary tab that cannot be deleted.


The Notifications tab is represented by the bell symbol. You’ll find all of your notifications (that you’ve enabled) here, including comments, likes, shares, invites to like sites, and birthday reminders. This tab, too, cannot be deleted.


The Profile shortcut is a circular avatar symbol that allows you to access your profile as well as all of your postings. You may delete it, but your profile will still be visible on the Menu page through the hamburger symbol.


The Friends shortcut is represented by a two-person symbol. Here you can see all of your Facebook friend requests as well as recommended people to add. If you delete the tab, friend request notifications will appear in the Notifications tab instead.

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There is a distinction between friend requests and followers; both will trigger alerts.


The Facebook Marketplace shortcut is symbolized by a tent image, and here you may explore, buy, and sell items—just remember to use Facebook Marketplace safely.

The Marketplace area has its own set of options for filtering through certain products. By default, listings will be based on your location, but you may modify that.


Facebook Groups aggregates postings from all of the groups in which you are a member into its own feed. You’ll notice some recommended groups here, similar to the ideas that appear in your usual feed. It’s a three-person circular symbol that may be deleted.

If you don’t like the material, you may simply quit a Facebook Group.


Watch recommends videos from producers you may be interested in. It’s a rectangular play button icon that may be uninstalled.


There are many areas in the Gaming shortcut where you may browse recommended Facebook games, watch let’s play videos, and see gaming community postings. This shortcut has the appearance of a rectangular box with several lines and may be deleted.


Feeds were launched by Facebook in July 2022. This option gives you more control over what you see by allowing you to read postings from All, Favorites, Friends, Groups, or Pages. This shortcut, which resembles a newspaper symbol with a timer, may be disabled.

How to Remove Facebook Shortcuts by Long-Pressing

The quickest approach to delete a shortcut in the Facebook app is to long-press on an icon in the shortcuts bar. This approach, however, can only be used to delete or pin shortcuts, not to create new ones.

To conceal Facebook shortcuts by long-pressing, do the following:

  1. In the shortcut bar, find and long-press the shortcut you wish to delete. Tap Hide from shortcut bar from the popup menu.
  2. A brief dialog box will display to confirm your modifications. If you wish to undo the change, tap Settings (more on this later), but act quickly since the box will vanish after a few seconds.
  3. On the right of the shortcut bar, locate and hit Menu (the hamburger symbol). You can also pick Shortcut bar options from the popup menu by long-pressing on a shortcut in the shortcut bar. It will take you to the same location as the next stages.
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To use the long-press approach to pin a shortcut to your shortcut bar, just choose Pin to shortcut bar from the popup menu. Because Facebook personalizes your shortcuts depending on your behavior, if you never use one, it may vanish after a time. Pinning it keeps it in place.

How to Add or Remove Facebook Shortcuts From Settings

You may not only hide shortcuts from the shortcut bar through Facebook settings, but also pin them and create new ones.

Follow these methods to add or remove Facebook shortcuts from the settings:

  1. If you picked the Menu option, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings. Scroll down to the Preferences section.
  2. Navigate to Shortcuts > Shortcut bar. You’ll be led to a page where you may customize your shortcut bar.
  3. Your shortcuts are: These are the shortcuts you save to the shortcut bar. If you use Pinned often, we suggest creating a shortcut to it. Available shortcuts:
  4. These shortcuts are set to Auto, and as previously said, Facebook will add, delete, or rearrange them depending on your activity. Hidden shortcuts:

There are three categories in this section, one for each state to which you may toggle a shortcut:

  • This category is created when you Hide a shortcut from the shortcut bar.
  • Hold down the mouse button on a shortcut icon in the shortcut bar from which you wish to remove the notification dots. Select Turn off notification dots from the pop-up menu. To reactivate these dots, long touch on the shortcut icon and choose Turn on notification dots.
  • On the right of the shortcut bar, locate and hit Menu (the hamburger symbol). Navigate to Settings & Privacy > Settings. Scroll down to the Preferences section. Select Shortcuts > Notification dots from the menu. You’ll be led to a page where you may customize your shortcut notification dots.
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As you toggle these, your Facebook shortcuts will be added or deleted in real time from the shortcut bar.

How to Turn Notification Dots On and Off by Long-Pressing

Long-pressing the shortcut icon will deactivate the notification dots if you don’t want to see them.

Follow these procedures to deactivate and enable Facebook notification dots by long-pressing:

  1. To activate or disable notification dots for a shortcut, toggle the blue tabs on and off. Only the shortcuts that you have presently pinned to your shortcut bar will be shown here.
  2. From the pop-up, select Turn off notification dots.
  3. To turn these dots back on, long press on the shortcut icon, and select Turn on notification dots.

You’ll see a popup dialog box confirming your action.

How to Turn Notification Dots On and Off From Settings

You may also change the appearance of the notification dots in your Facebook settings.

Follow these instructions to hide and enable Facebook notification dots from the settings:

  1. Locate and tap Menu (the hamburger icon) on the right of the shortcut bar.
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Preferences category.
  4. Select Shortcuts > Notification dots. You will be taken to a section where you can manage your shortcut notification dots preferences.
  5. Toggle the blue tabs on and off to enable or disable notification dots for a shortcut. Only the shortcuts that you currently have pinned to your shortcut bar will appear here.

Customize Your Facebook Shortcuts

Shortcuts are provided to make navigating more efficient and easy. But, let’s face it, they may also clutter your screen. Follow the instructions above to choose which shortcuts to display and whether or not to show their notification dots.

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