How to Add a Watermark to an Excel Spreadsheet

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How to Add a Watermark to an Excel Spreadsheet
How to Add a Watermark to an Excel Spreadsheet

When you hold most official papers up to the light, you’ll see a translucent text, picture, or photo in the backdrop that stands out from the rest of the writing. That is a watermark right there. Watermarks may be used to brand or protect papers. For example, to prevent illegal access, (photo)copying, or dissemination, you may apply a “CONFIDENTIAL” watermark to a document.

Watermarks have long been used on papers, but did you know that watermarks may also be added in Excel? This tutorial will teach you how to apply and utilize watermarks in Excel.

Excel does not have a separate watermark function. It does, however, enable you to add a text or image watermark to your spreadsheet.

How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Excel

Simply drag and drop your text watermark to move it anywhere on your spreadsheet.

How to Add a Text Watermark in Excel

Here’s how to add a text watermark to your Excel document.

  1. Open the Excel document into which you wish to add a watermark.
  2. In the ribbon area, select the Insert tab, then Text, then Header & Footer.
  3. Now, in the header section, insert your watermark text where the flashing cursor is.
  4. The font size is set to 11 points by default, making your watermark text invisible to you. Return to the Home tab and enlarge the text size until it is plainly legible.
  5. You should now be able to see your text watermark inside your document. You will, however, notice that it is at the top of your spreadsheet.
  6. To relocate it, click the header area, drag the mouse to the beginning of the text, then hit the Enter key repeatedly until it is exactly where you want it.
  7. Depending on your watermark, it may be overly loud and distracting, conflicting with the spreadsheet’s primary text. You may correct this by using a lighter hue. To make your watermark gray, click the header area, then Font Color, and then gray. You may use whatever hue you like. When finished, click anywhere outside the header area. The modifications to your text watermark are now visible. Your watermark will be added to all pages of your spreadsheet using this way.
  8. Before printing, you may use the print preview (File > Print) to check how your watermark will look on your page and make any required changes.
  9. Launch Excel and go to the Insert tab.
  10. Go to the right and choose Text.
  11. Go to WordArt and choose a style.
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How to Add a Watermark in Excel Using Word Art

  1. Fill in the Your text here box with your watermark text.
  2. To add a watermark, click on any cell outside the box.
  3. To format your text watermark, access the Shape Format tool bar by clicking on it. You have a lot of options here.
  4. Using the Form Format tool bar, you can add a text box to your watermark, customize its shape and WordArt, add Alt text, rotate, and resize it.
  5. Right-click on the watermark, go to the bottom of the menu selections, then choose Format Shape for even more specific formatting possibilities.
  6. To see all of your formatting choices, switch between Shape Options and Text Options.
  7. When finished, click X to close the Format Shape box.
  8. Open Excel and the document into which you wish to add a photo watermark.
  9. Next, choose Insert, Text, and Header & Footer. These buttons may be distributed around the ribbon area from left to right, depending on your configuration.
  10. If this does not open the Header & Footer window and instead displays a message stating that the current printer is unavailable. Pick another printer, click OK, then select another printer from the list and click OK again.

If you use this approach, you must manually copy and paste your text watermark from page to page, which is inefficient when dealing with huge spreadsheets.

You may also use a photo as a watermark in Excel. As an Excel watermark, you may use your logo, mascot, or any other picture. You may also personalize your photo watermarks.

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How to Add a Picture Watermark in Excel

Now, let’s look at how you may personalize your image watermarks in Excel. A watermark, such as the one seen above, will hide the content of your spreadsheet. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel enables you to format your image watermark. Here’s how it’s done: This has made our paper less cluttered, more branded, and more professional.

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Here’s how to add a picture watermark in Microsoft Excel.

  1. A new Header & Footer window should now appear on the ribbon, next to the Help tab.
  2. Select your photo source and upload the image by clicking on Picture immediately under the Review tab.
  3. You have the option of uploading from your PC, searching Bing, or using OneDrive.
  4. Your image will not show instantly. Instead, look for a &[Picture] item inside the header cell. Click on any part of the document that is not in the header box. The picture with the watermark should now be visible.
  5. Any portion of the spreadsheet’s header may be selected by clicking on it. When you do, you’ll see a Header or &[Picture] entry.
  6. Next, go to the ribbon area and choose the Header & Footer option.
  7. The Format Picture option is now enabled. Just after Picture, click on Format Picture.

This may assist you in implementing a consistent watermark design throughout all of your company documents, whether they are created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

How to Format Your Picture Watermark in Excel

You may remove watermarks from your spreadsheet, whether they are text or images, using Excel. It is simple and quick to remove a watermark. This is how.

  1. You have various Excel watermark formatting choices to choose from. You may clip, recolor, brighten, darken, or contrast your watermark, as well as adjust and reset its size. You may also change the Alt text. In this example, we will gray out and resize the image watermark. To remove the watermark, choose Format Picture > Picture > Color > Washout > OK. Go to Format Picture > Picture > Size to resize the watermark. To raise or reduce the size, use the up or down arrow. When you’re through formatting your watermark, click OK.
  2. In the backdrop, our watermark is now smaller and faded off.
  3. Select the header section of your spreadsheet. This activates your watermark.
  4. On your keyboard, press the Delete or Backspace key.
  5. In this example, we’ll gray out and resize the picture watermark.
  6. To gray out the watermark, go to Format Picture > Picture > Color > Washout > OK.
  7. To resize the watermark, go to Format Picture > Picture > Size. Use the up or down arrow to increase or decrease size.
  8. When you’re done formatting your watermark, click OK.
  9. Our watermark now appears smaller and washed out in the background.
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Your watermark will be removed as a result of this. You are free to try something else until you discover one you like.

Including a watermark in your document is an easy method to trademark it and safeguard it from unwanted access. Watermarks may now be added to Excel as text or images.

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How to Remove a Watermark in Excel

There are various choices and styles to pick from when choosing on the proper watermark for your Excel spreadsheet. So, go ahead and watermark it as you would your Microsoft Word papers.

  1. Click on the header area of your spreadsheet. This will make your watermark active.
  2. Press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard.

This will remove your watermark. You can go ahead and try something else until you find one that you like.

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Go On and Watermark Your Spreadsheet

Adding a watermark to your document is a sure way to brand and protect it against unauthorized access. You can now add watermarks in Excel, whether as text or image.

When deciding on the right watermark for your Excel spreadsheet, you’ll find that there are several options and styles to choose from. So yes, go ahead and watermark it just like your Microsoft Word documents.

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