How to Activate the Flash on Your iPhone Camera

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How to Activate the Flash on Your iPhone Camera
How to Activate the Flash on Your iPhone Camera

As iPhone cameras become increasingly feature-rich, the rising number of symbols and controls inside the Camera app may confuse some users. In low-light situations, you may choose to utilize the camera flash instead of Night Mode. And, since the icons no longer have names, it’s difficult to figure out how to activate the iPhone flash.

To assist, we’ll look at what the various flash symbols indicate and how to turn on the iPhone flash in a flash.

What Do the iPhone’s Camera Flash Icons Mean?

In the Camera app on your iPhone, you’ll notice numerous circular icons with a lightning bolt. In general, they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • When there is a slash across the flash symbol, it indicates that the flash is turned off.
  • The camera flash is set to auto when there is no slash and the flash symbol is white. It will not flash in bright light, but it will in low light.
  • When the iPhone’s camera flash icon is highlighted in yellow, it means the camera will always flash when you take a picture. This may be because it is set to always-on, or it’s in auto mode and your iPhone thinks it needs to use the flash.
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How to Turn On the Flash on a Newer iPhone

The steps for turning on the iPhone camera flash differ based on your model. Here’s how to turn on camera flash on iPhone 11, 12, SE (2nd generation), 13, and other models:

  1. Open the Camera app and slide up or hit the top arrow button.
  2. Tap the flash icon.
  3. To make the iPhone camera flash always-on, tap On.

Please keep in mind that you may use the same techniques to switch on the front-screen flash when snapping selfies.

How to Turn On the iPhone Flash for Video

Swipe up from the record button in the iPhone Camera app and press on the flash symbol to activate it whether in Video, Slo-Mo, or Cinematic mode. Even if you aren’t recording, it will turn on quickly. When you’re ready, press the record button to begin filming with the camera flash on. When utilizing Pano (Panorama) and Time-Lapse modes, the iPhone does not support camera flash.

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The methods above demonstrate how to configure the iPhone camera flash to remain on and not be overridden by Night mode. If you change your mind and choose Night mode, the flash will be disabled.

Open the Camera app, hit the flash symbol in the top-left corner, and choose On if you have an earlier iPhone with a Home button, such as an iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, or iPhone SE (1st generation). To turn on the flash for Video or Slo-Mo modes, repeat these instructions.

How to Enable Camera Flash on Older iPhones

When you turn on the front camera to snap selfies on the iPhone 6S and later, the screen flashes.

If your iPhone’s flash isn’t functioning, make sure it’s not too hot. Wait for the gadget to cool down if it is.

Camera Flash Not Working on iPhone

Restarting your iPhone should usually resolve the grayed-out camera flash issue. So, switch off your iPhone and then turn it back on before attempting to snap another shot with flash. If none of these alternatives work, discover how to repair a broken iPhone flashlight.

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You should now be able to set the iPhone camera flash to always-on rather than flashing automatically. In low-light situations, newer iPhones automatically switch to Night mode, which disables flash and Live Photos. However, you now understand how to compel the camera to flash instead of shooting in Night mode.

iPhone Camera With Flash, Light, and Action!

By now, you know how to set the iPhone camera flash to always-on instead of flashing automatically. In low-light environments, newer iPhones automatically start shooting in Night mode, during which flash and Live Photos are off. But now you know how to force the camera to flash instead of shooting in Night mode.

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