How to Access Amazon Fire TV Developer Options

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How to Access Amazon Fire TV Developer Options
How to Access Amazon Fire TV Developer Options

A Developer Options menu is buried on your Amazon Fire TV device. If you want to use some of the more complex capabilities of FireTV OS, you’ll need to know how to bring up this menu. We’ll demonstrate how.

What Are Developer Options?

Developer Options, like Android, on which FireTV OS is based, are options geared for expert users or app developers. Unlike on Android, the FireTV OS Developer Options panel has just a few options: ADB Debugging, Apps from Unknown Sources, and Deep Sleep mode are all available.

ADB Debugging enables you to remotely install apps over your Wi-Fi network. For example, directly from your phone. If you ever need to connect an app to your Fire TV through IP address, you must activate ADB Debugging.

Programs from Unknown Sources allows you to install apps from locations other than the Amazon App Store. This is known as sideloading, and it should be done with caution. Apps obtained outside of the app store may not have gone through the same safety tests.

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Deep Sleep mode effectively hibernates the device, stopping network activity. This implies that linked devices such as your Echo speaker cannot start the Fire TV device remotely.

Viewing the Developer Options: Old Method

The Developer Options may not be hidden if you have not upgraded the FireTV OS for any reason. They are easily accessible from the Device settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Device on your Fire TV device.
  2. Scroll down to Developer Options in the device settings.
  3. You may enable ADB or Apps from Unknown Sources here.

A FireTV OS upgrade in June 2022 relocated the Developer Options. If your device has been upgraded and the previous technique no longer works, you must use the new way to access them. If you’ve ever visited the developer settings on an Android phone, you should be acquainted with this approach.

Viewing the Developer Options: New Method

The Developer Options menu may vanish after an upgrade to the FireTV OS. They are still accessible; just repeat the procedures above to discover them.

  1. To enter Settings on your Fire TV device, pick the gear symbol.
  2. Go to the My Fire TV menu and then to About.
  3. The name of the Fire TV device, for example, appears at the top of the menu. 4K Fire TV Stick
  4. Continue to press the Action button on your remote while the name is highlighted until you see “You are now a developer” appear.
  5. Return to the previous menu to access the Developer Options.
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There is a reason why the Developer Options are hidden. Installing programs from unknown sources might be difficult at times. However, as long as you exercise caution, employing these settings may greatly increase the capabilities of Fire TV.

How Can the Developer Options be Used?

You can install applications from other sources, utilize ADB to link your phone to your Fire TV, attach a mouse, and even take screenshots of the Fire TV display.

There is a more comprehensive Developer tools menu accessible on your Fire TV device, but this one is primarily for app developers. It is not suggested that you access it and change the choices it contains unless you are very sure what you are doing.

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To view this menu, press and hold the Action button on your remote for a second, before also pressing down on the Directional ring. Release both buttons and click the Menu button after 3-4 seconds.

Revealing the Developer Option for your Fire TV device gives you access to some powerful tools. Just be cautious while considering all of your possibilities.

Viewing the Developer Options on Fire TV

Revealing the Developer Option for your Fire TV device gives you access to some powerful tools. Just make sure to tread carefully with all the different options.

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