“How Do I Know If My Phone Has Been Hacked?”

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“How Do I Know If My Phone Has Been Hacked?”

Smartphones hold so much sensitive and personal information that the thought of your phone being hacked is terrifying. “How can I tell if my phone is being hacked?” you’ll wonder.

Do you fear your phone has been hacked or is continually malfunctioning? Don’t be alarmed: there are a few telling signals that your phone has been hijacked. Here’s how to determine if your phone has been hacked.

How to Know if Your Phone Is Hacked

Phones may have technological issues at any moment, but any unusual activity should be regarded carefully.

The following are the most prevalent warning indications that your phone has been hacked.

Your Phone Is Slower Than Usual

Is your phone crashing regularly and loading websites slowly? Or does it take a long time to send text messages, make phone calls, and access the internet? A phone that is particularly slow might suggest a breach, even if you have plenty of RAM and all of the newest software updates installed.

It might also be a malware assault, since spyware operates in the background, consuming your phone’s processing resources, resulting in slow performance.

See what happens if you turn off your phone. Hacked phones often do not shut down simply or at all.

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You Are Seeing Strange Pop-Up Ads

Receiving a few pop-ups here and there does not imply that your phone has been compromised. However, if you are constantly getting pop-up notifications, your phone may be infested with adware.

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Adware is a sort of malware that pushes devices to browse certain sites in order for attackers to earn money via clicks. These might be phishing efforts in which users are lured to input sensitive information by clicking on pop-ups.

In any case, unusual and persistent pop-ups are signs of a compromised phone and should be taken seriously.

There’s a Noticeable Decrease in Battery Life

A phone’s battery life may degrade over time, but if you see quick draining of the battery with no change in phone use, it might suggest that it has been hacked.

It’s also conceivable that a spying software has been installed on your phone, using its resources while running in the background and sending data to hackers.

Apps Crashing Randomly

It’s typical for applications to crash from time to time, but if you see many apps crashing in a short period of time, don’t rule out the chance of a hack.

This is most likely a hint that you have malicious software or malware on your phone that is stopping applications from loading.

You Notice Unknown Outgoing Calls or Texts

If you start receiving lists of calls or text messages from numbers you don’t recognize, your smartphone has most likely been hacked. Cybercriminals gain money by installing malware on your phone, which then makes calls to premium-rate lines or sends personal information to other parties.

Always examine your phone bill for any unexpected charges.

Unusually High Data Usage Due to Spyware

A sudden increase in your data bill is a red flag that something is wrong.

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Malware or spy programs operating in the background and transmitting information back to their malicious server might result in a large cost. Related: How to Record App Activity to Find Out Which iPhone Apps Are Spying on You

If you see your email acting strangely, don’t dismiss it.

Email Delivery Failures

A compromised phone may get email delivery failure notices or suspicious sign-in alerts suggesting that your account has been used for spamming or other malicious activity. You may also see emails that have been marked as read but have not yet been viewed.

Strange activity on accounts connected to your devices (such as Gmail, iCloud, or social network accounts) implies a phone hack, much as strange emails.

Unusual Activity on Accounts Linked to Your Phone

Keep an eye out for emails concerning password resets that you did not request, as well as communications informing you that your social media accounts were accessed using a new account or that you established a new account.

If your phone has a good camera but you notice a reduction in the quality of your screenshots, it might be a keylogger assault. A keylogger is a sort of malware that allows hackers to snoop on your actions while stealing data by capturing your keystrokes.

Reduced Quality of ScreenShots

Hackers may infect devices with malware, stealing our personal information, extorting money through ransomware attacks, or just breaching our privacy. Whatever the cause, we must prevent the hackers from succeeding.

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If you fear your phone has been hacked, install smartphone security and anti-malware software and uninstall any applications you don’t recognize. Restoring the phone to its factory settings also helps, but this will entirely destroy all of your data, so you’ll need to have a backup taken before your device became infected. This may be difficult to discern.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Device Was Hacked

Always use internet security software on your phone in the future, only reinstall programs from trustworthy app stores, and never leave your precious phone unattended!

If you suspect that your phone was hacked, run smartphone security and anti-malware software, and get rid of any apps that you don’t recognize. Restoring the phone to the default factory setting also helps, but this will completely wipe all your data, so you’ll need to have a back-up that’s made before your device was infected. That can be hard to determine.

Going forward, always use internet security software on your phone, only reinstall apps from trusted app stores, and never let your beloved phone out of your sight!

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