Did You Know Your iPhone Has a Live Photo Boomerang Feature?

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Did You Know Your iPhone Has a Live Photo Boomerang Feature?

Did You Know Your iPhone Has a Boomerang Feature for Live Photos?

You can easily produce Boomerang films on your iPhone by switching to the Live Photo effect. No third-party applications are required.

Many of us use Live Photos on our iPhones to record memories in moving picture snippets. But did you know that you can make Live Photos bounce back and forth, similar to Instagram’s and Snapchat’s famed boomerang effect? Here’s how to go about it.

There’s More to Live Photos

Live Images is an iPhone camera function that allows users to capture small video samples on each side of the photos they take. As a consequence, a three-second video with audio is produced.

Live Photos is an ancient feature, first appearing in iOS 9 with the introduction of the iPhone 6S, where it was one of the headline features.

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A few years later, Apple improved its game even more by including effects in Live Photos. These were made available with iOS 11. These effects are what allow you to make a boomerang on your iPhone. You may edit your Live Photos, use them as backgrounds, and even convert them to GIFs in addition to adding effects.

How to Add a Boomerang Effect to Live Photos

It’s simple to apply an effect to a Live Photo on your iPhone. To begin, snap a standard Live Photo. To do this:

  1. Tap the Live Photo icon after opening the Camera. When activated, the symbol glows yellow.
  2. As usual, press the shutter button.
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After you’ve finished taking your Live Photo, go to the Photos app and modify it as follows:

  1. Open Photos, then choose the Live Photo to modify.
  2. Select Bounce from the Live Photo menu.
  3. Instead of Live, you’ll see Bounce over the picture.

Bounce allows you to play your Live Photo and then bounce it back in reverse on a loop, similar to the ubiquitous Boomerang effect on social media sites such as Instagram. Aside from that, there are two more effects you may experiment with:

  • Loop: Rather than needing to hard-press a Live Photo to play it, this effect loops it. It includes a motion blur effect.
  • Long Exposure: This is a photographic method that uses a long shutter speed to blur the moving aspects of a shot while leaving the static ones alone.
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Make Live Photos More Awesome

Boomerangs no longer need the usage of social networking networks or third-party applications. Simply take a Live Photo with your iPhone and then apply the Bounce effect in the Photos app. It couldn’t be simpler.

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