Cancelling Your Chegg Subscription

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Cancelling Your Chegg Subscription
Cancelling Your Chegg Subscription

When your academic path comes to a sudden end, your life alters dramatically. Preparing for graduation may seem difficult at first, but there are several ways to get started in your last few months as a student.

Packing it all in will almost certainly include saying goodbye to several student-related services that you will no longer use after you graduate. If Chegg happens to be one of them, the firm makes it simple to disassociate yourself when the time comes.

What Is Chegg?

Chegg’s early claim to fame was giving broke college students all around the world with the tools they needed to excel academically. This was mostly accomplished via the provision of low-cost textbook rentals, both digital and physical.

The creators hoped to alleviate the growing negative impact that a highly competitive textbook market was having on pupils. Chegg’s approach is to link students with additional essential resources, such as assistance in locating financial aid, tutoring subscriptions, and information on how to negotiate the academic environment.

If you’re currently a subscriber, canceling any of these services won’t be a big deal. There are no contracts to sign or cancellation fees to pay. You have the option to leave at any moment.

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Things to Note Before Cancelling Your Chegg Subscription

There are a few things to consider as you prepare to cancel Chegg.

1. Your Cancellation Method Is Determined By Your Sign-Up Method

Your path into the world of Chegg, like any other, will also be your path out. Chegg’s subscription packages are available in two flavors: those bought via Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and those purchased directly through the Chegg website.

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To cancel Chegg, just go back to the platform where you signed up in the first place. Uninstalling the app has no effect on your subscription; you must cancel the contract to ensure that you are not charged in the future.

2. You Do Have the Option to Pause Your Subscription Instead

Chegg provides you the option of stopping or canceling your service. If you’re travelling away for a semester and want to be sure your subscription rate is secure when you return, pausing is definitely the best option.

If brighter pastures await, though, letting go and canceling totally is just as simple.

How to Cancel a Chegg Subscription

You will fall into one of three categories: a Chegg App Store subscription, a Chegg Google Play subscriber, or a Chegg website subscriber.

Anyone wishing to cancel Chegg Study, Chegg Study Pack, Chegg Math Solver, or Chegg Writing EasyBib should use the cancellation procedures listed below.

How to Cancel a Chegg Account Made on The Site

Anyone who registered on may manage their Chegg account via the Account Overview page.

  1. Everything is in your purchase history under Orders. To view everything presently related with your account, go to this tab.
  2. You should see the Cancel Subscription option next to all of your Subscriptions. Cancel everything you no longer need.
  3. You will be asked to explain why. Choose one, then click Confirm to save your modified settings.

Chegg enables you to use the service until the end of your original contract. Your Chegg membership will be terminated after this last payment period has ended. To cancel your membership on an Apple device, log in to your Apple ID account through the App Store.

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How to Cancel a Chegg Account Created Through Apple’s App Store

Keep in mind that the subscription will be valid until the conclusion of the payment cycle. You may continue to use Chegg till then.

  1. Open up the App Store.
  2. Navigate to the Search tab, then tap your symbol in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Subscriptions in the new window.
  4. Choose Chegg from the list, then click Cancel Subscription.
  5. Finish by selecting Save or Done.

You may also unsubscribe from Google Play. To do so, go to the Google Play store from any device. If you’re doing it on your phone, you may also go via your Android settings.

How to Cancel a Chegg Account Created With Google Play

Once again, the subscription will stay valid until it naturally expires.

  1. Select Subscriptions from the Settings menu.
  2. The Chegg app should be displayed; pick it to see your account settings. You can cancel your subscription by clicking Cancel from this page.
  3. Your preferences should have been updated to reflect the change.
  4. Your settings should now be updated to reflect the change.

You may wish to take things a step further when canceling your Chegg membership. You are concerned about Chegg’s data security since the platform allows permanent eradication of your data.

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How to Delete Your Chegg Account Data Permanently

Check to see whether you have any ongoing subscriptions or overdue book rentals. If you do, you should cancel your subscriptions and return any rentals. If you have recently rented an eTextbook, you will be unable to erase Chegg until the rental time has officially ended.

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Once you’re clear, Chegg will provide you with an online form to fill out that enables you to describe what you want to happen. To complete your account deactivation, choose Data Deletion Request. Options such as a Do Not Sell Request, an Access Request, and an Opt-Out Request are also available.

Of course, Chegg will not charge you for terminated subscriptions or textbooks that are no longer in your possession. This is to ensure that the corporation deletes all of your data.

Throw off the shackles of your old college life to celebrate in style. One of the most therapeutic aspects of entering the real world after college is purging your life of subscriptions that no longer benefit you.

It’s Finally Time to Graduate

When Chegg was most likely a very valuable source of assistance while you were still in school, there is no need to keep it open any longer than necessary. That money would be better spent elsewhere.

While Chegg was likely one very helpful source of support while still attending school, there is no reason to keep it on the line any longer than you have to. That money’s better invested elsewhere.

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