Can LandGlide help you find your property lines instead using a surveyor?

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Can LandGlide help you find your property lines instead using a surveyor?
Can LandGlide help you find your property lines instead using a surveyor?

If you need to locate your property boundaries, you might consider hiring a surveyor. Historically, this was the only method to determine where your property borders began and ended. Surveys, on the other hand, are costly, often costing thousands of dollars. Perhaps there is another way.

The LandGlide app is intended to assist users in locating their property borders using their cellphones. LandGlide provides up-to-date data that can show you where your property boundaries are, thanks to enhanced parcel data and the GPS on your smartphone.

How to Find Your Property Lines With LandGlide

LandGlide makes it simple to locate your property boundaries. To begin, just download the app and enter your address at the top when it opens. LandGlide will locate your property and display the property lines. If you haven’t purchased a home yet, there are applications that can help you locate it.

LandGlide has a satellite tool that might assist you in determining your property borders. While Google Maps offers boundary lines as well, LandGlide is more precise. After all, LandGlide gets its data straight from the county. You may also use the GPS tool to determine your location in relation to your property lines. You may find out how close you are to your property border by walking around and marking it yourself.

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You may also utilize LandGlide to locate surveyor pegs in order to determine the property boundary. This is useful if you need to know where the boundary for a fence or a structure is. A metal detector is all that is required to locate a surveyor pin using LandGlide. Then, launch the app and begin scanning the property’s boundary lines. The Surveyor pin will be nearby and will appear on the metal detector as a little bit of iron.

Although LandGlide claims to provide “pretty accurate” parcel lines, they should not be used for legal reasons. A surveyor is still required for this.

How to Find the Owner of a Property

You may also use LandGlide to contact a neighbor or find out who owns a property if you need to. Because LandGlide offers parcel data for the majority of properties in the United States, you can also locate the owner’s contact information.

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This is useful if you have an empty property next door and need to contact the owner. This tool is used by some individuals to contact the owner and make an offer to enlarge their property. It will also display data on acreage, value, elevation, and other factors.

To locate the owner, just touch on the lot in the LandGlide app. This will bring up their data. This is also beneficial to real estate agents and property investors. LandGlide, combined with these must-have realtor applications, may help you grow your company.

Get LandGlide for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

Are Surveyors a Thing of the Past?

With applications like LandGlide, it’s natural to believe that surveyors would become obsolete, but this is far from the reality. Although GPS parcel data may help you determine approximate property boundaries without employing a surveyor, LandGlide warns that its lines “are not advised for legal reasons.” Surveys are costly and take weeks to perform, thus LandGlide may provide a fast and simple solution for minor issues. But don’t count on it for much more than that.

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If you and your neighbor have a property issue, the LandGlide parcel data is not admissible in court. You’ll need an actual survey for this. LandGlide is likewise exclusively accessible in the United States. While 95 percent of the US population is insured, if you are among the five percent who are not, it will be ineffective.

In any event, the LandGlide app is a terrific solution in certain circumstances, and you may not need a surveyor at all if the appropriate lines aren’t required for a legal problem. Try LandGlide before investing time and money on a survey.

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