BetterDiscord Installation and Use

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BetterDiscord Installation and Use
BetterDiscord Installation and Use

BetterDiscord is a simple Discord app plugin that enables users to personalize anything in Discord to their desire. BetterDiscord seems to be a simple tool for creating (or downloading from their website) bespoke themes, which include backdrops, chat bubble design, UI location, and customisable text.

The BetterDiscord community has amassed an intriguing variety of plugins ranging from a built-in text translator to a quiet typing tool—you can even develop your own plugins using JavaScript.

On the surface, it looks to be a simple method for changing the theme and appearance of your Discord app. BetterDiscord, on the other hand, may be used to significantly enhance and customise your Discord experience.

Let’s go through how to set up BetterDiscord and fully use its capabilities. Before we begin the installation procedure, we should point out that BetterDiscord breaches Discord’s Terms of Service. This does not suggest that using BetterDiscord will result in your removal from Discord; it is only a precaution on Discord’s side.

Important Note: BetterDiscord and Discord Terms of Service

If you don’t want to develop the code yourself, you’ll be obtaining and installing themes and plugins provided by community members. Technically, this is a security problem since users may install potentially malicious programs.

Using BetterDiscord and community-created assets is at your own risk, with the knowledge that, like with other locations on the internet where you may obtain open-source materials, you must be cautious about what you download.

BetterDiscord installation is fast and simple. It’s almost as if you’re installing an update for the Discord app. This implies that you should already have Discord installed. There are various wonderful methods to locate the ideal Discord community for you whether you’re new to Discord or simply searching for a new group to hang out with.

How to Install BetterDiscord

You must go to BetterDiscord’s website. Simply click the download icon on the top page. Once the installer has completed downloading, run it.

The installer will ask you to approve the end-user licensing agreement first. To accept this, check the box and then click Next.

Download: BetterDiscord (Free)

Navigating the Installer

Then, by clicking on one of the alternatives, you’ll be prompted to choose the version of Discord you’re using. We’ll be using vanilla Discord for this instruction, so select Discord, then Install. The installation should take just a few minutes. When you’re done, just click the Close button.

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You’re ready to utilize BetterDiscord now that you’ve installed it! All you need to do now is launch the Discord app to continue the procedure.

The ability to simply modify the style of Discord is BetterDiscord’s main selling feature. If you’re tired of Discord’s drab backdrop, plain layout, and restricted capabilities, BetterDiscord will let you to change things up.

Changing Themes With BetterDiscord

When you start Discord, you’ll see a change log with information about the most current BetterDiscord upgrade. As usual, select User Options in the bottom left corner to access BetterDiscord’s settings. On the left side of the settings menu, you’ll see a series of settings tabs. To discover the BetterDiscord section, scroll all the way to the bottom.

From here, you may access and modify all of BetterDiscord’s distinctive features. We’ll start by talking about their community-created themes.

Using BetterDiscord’s theme library is really straightforward. You may access a tab devoted to community-created BetterDiscord themes from their home page. Browse their collection until you discover anything that appeals to you.

Changing Themes Using BetterDiscord’s Library

When you’ve selected a theme you like, click the Download button. Keep the download folder open or transfer the file to your desktop for convenient access. Return to the Discord app and, if you haven’t already, go back to BetterDiscord’s settings.

When you click Themes, you’ll see a blue button at the top called Open Themes Folder. This will open the folder on your PC where Discord will look for new themes. Close this folder after dragging and dropping your freshly downloaded theme into it. The theme will now be displayed in the theme settings.

To activate the new theme, just click the toggle button! If you add a new theme to your personal library, remember to turn off the old one before turning on the new one. You’ll see that we had our Discord+ theme enabled before switching to a Fallout 4 Terminal theme.

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It’s worth mentioning that if you’ve installed a custom theme with a layout and design you like but wish you could change the background image—you can, with a little fiddling.

We’re reverting to the Discord+ theme for this. All you need to do is go back to the theme settings. An Edit button is located next to the toggle switch.

This will bring up a little window with the theme’s code. It may seem perplexing if you are unfamiliar. Most community themes, on the other hand, have extremely clean and well-labeled code. You can see above that we detected and highlighted a line called —dplus-background:, which is immediately followed by a URL.

This URL takes you to the picture that serves as the Discord+ backdrop. As you probably have surmised by now, replacing the image URL with one of your choosing—even a GIF—will alter the backdrop of your app. If you need a nice replacement backdrop, there are several websites that supply free photographs for you to use.

Replace the URL with your favorite picture, then shut the editor by clicking the save symbol in the upper left corner. It’s that simple!

While exploring themes on BetterDiscord’s website, you may have seen a plugins section or the plugins tab in the settings.

Using Plugins From BetterDiscord’s Library

BetterDiscord’s community offers a library that is akin to a theme library: a collection of useful quality-of-life enhancements for your freshly-painted Discord. These BetterDiscord community-created plugins are accessible on the BetterDiscord website, and the method for installing and activating them is same. They include everything from a revamped friends list to a Spotify volume controller integrated in.

Simply go to your settings’ Plugins page, open the plugin folder by hitting the suitably labeled blue button, then drop your downloaded plugins into this folder. They will display in your plugin settings instantly. Don’t forget to turn it on before using it!

We’ve downloaded a translator plugin built by user DevilBro that does exactly what it says: it allows you to translate selected messages to whatever language you like. By default, it utilizes Google’s translation engine, although this may be changed to DeepL or Papago. Once configured, all you have to do is click the translate button, which is located with the other message choices in the same drop-down menu as respond, react, copy message link, and so on.

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Both incoming and outgoing messages may be translated (outgoing messages can be translated before or after they are sent).

This is just one of the many fantastic plugins made accessible by the community. You’re bound to discover something in their repertoire that will make your Discord experience more enjoyable!

You’ll probably realize how extremely customizable your Discord has become now that you’ve seen how simple it is to take use of the BetterDiscord community’s enormous collection of themes and plugins. You may now customize Discord to your preference by utilizing community-created elements.

Making Your Own Plug-Ins for BetterDiscord

However, these solutions may not be sufficient for you. Perhaps none of the themes appealed to you, or you were expecting for a very specific plugin that has yet to be developed. If that’s the case, and you know how to write, you can simply design your own JavaScript themes and plugins.

The major lesson here is that, whether community or custom-made, BetterDiscord enables you to customize the app with themes, fonts, colors, layouts, and tools. The options seem to be limitless. You could easily spend an entire day experimenting with your newly customized Discord.

Better Customizability With BetterDiscord

However, if you don’t want to redesign Discord yourself, whether because of the procedure or the rules of service, you may be seeking for an alternative.

However, if you don’t feel like overhauling Discord yourself, whether due to the process or the terms of service, you might be looking for an alternative.

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