A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Text to TikTok Videos

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Text to TikTok Videos
A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Text to TikTok Videos

Are you new to TikTok and prepared to post your first captioned video? Maybe you’ve even been a member for a time. But you want to start incorporating written words into your TikTok videos.

Don’t worry, it just takes a few seconds. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for adding text to your TikTok movies.

How to Add Text to TikTok Videos

Text and text boxes may be easily added to your TikTok videos. This is done in the same editing menu as adding effects, noises, and stickers.

On your mobile device, open the TikTok app. Next, record or choose the video you wish to utilize. Then, to add text straight to your TikTok video, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Text icon (Aa) at the bottom of the screen once TikTok has taken you to the video editing menu.
  2. Enter the text you wish to appear on your video.
  3. Change the color and font of the text (optional). Choose a color from the circular color dots at the top of your keyboard. You may also alter the typeface of your text by touching the font names just above the color selections. For italicized text, for example, you may choose Handwriting.
  4. Text should be aligned (optional). To align your text to the left, right, or center, use the text alignment bars to the left, right, or center of the font choices.
  5. Modify the caption style (optional). To apply various highlights to your text, tap the highlighted symbol designated with an A to the left of the alignment bar. You may, for example, use this option to make your text bold or appear in a box. Continue to press this icon to view the available alternatives.
  6. Once you’ve done entering and customizing the text, click Done.
  7. You may then manually move the text by dragging it around your screen.
  8. Next will take you to the uploading menu, where you may now upload or draft your captioned video.
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TikTok allows users to stitch videos together, so you may add text to each of the stitched films if you like.

All you need to do is repeat the steps highlighted above.

By repeating these steps and treating each piece of text as a unique element or sticker, you may add numerous pieces of text or place multiple phrases on your TikTok movie.

When you’re through with this stage, you may proceed to describe your video, add tags, upload your TikTok video, or save it to your drafts.

That’s all. You have just added text to your TikTok video. It’s as simple as producing a TikTok video, as you can see.

How to Edit Text on TikTok

If further patching is required, you may change the new text before proceeding to the publishing option.

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All you have to do is touch the typed text and choose Edit from the popup menu. Then, repeat the procedures for adding text to your movie to remake the caption to your liking. When you’re through editing, tap Done.

If the video is already in drafts, you may change the words you’ve typed previously by going to your profile and selecting it. Then follow the same steps as before.

You can’t edit the added text once you publish your video.

Set the Duration for TikTok Video Text and Make Text Disappear

To go a little more creative, you may specify how long you want the text to display in your movie and have it disappear as people watch it. You may even pick the moment in your video when the caption should appear.

Use the following steps to specify how long you want words to display on a TikTok video:

  1. Tap the relevant text.
  2. From the list of choices, choose Set duration.
  3. Then, at the bottom of the screen, move the time slider to the left or right to pick a time range for your text.
  4. To see how the text will look in the video, use the play button above the time slider.
  5. When you’re finished, press the checkmark icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
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Convert Text to Speech on Your TikTok Video

You may also use TikTok’s text-to-speech tool to turn the words you’ve typed on your TikTok video to voice. This is useful for raising awareness about what your TikTok video is about.

To do this, just touch the printed word and choose Text-to-speech.

This turns all of the text on your TikTok movie to audio without deleting the original text. When you’re finished, you’ll hear a voice echoing the words you entered on your video.

More information may be found in our TikTok text-to-speech guide.

Make Your TikTok Videos More Interesting

TikTok videos that are short and energetic might attract a bigger audience. Additionally, adding responsive text to your videos is one way to offer some diversity to your material.

However, depending on your motive for utilizing TikTok, there are several additional methods to express yourself. And if you’re no longer content with TikTok, there are other options to consider.

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