6 Methods for Shutting Down Windows 11

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6 Methods for Shutting Down Windows 11
6 Methods for Shutting Down Windows 11

Most individuals nowadays do not need to be taught how to turn off a Windows PC. After all, we’ve been doing it for a long. However, most people are unaware that there are other ways to switch off a computer; we often choose the approach with which we are most accustomed. So, from the old to the new, let’s go through all the methods to shut down Windows 11.

Let’s start with the simplest technique. If you’ve been using Windows for a long, this is usually the first approach that comes to mind.

The Start menu search bar is a graphical user interface that has been included in Windows since Windows 95 and serves as a primary hub for all of the essential Windows programs and apps. It also allows you to switch off your computer, among other things. You may also instantly shut off your computer by pressing the power button. There’s no need to hold it down since doing so would cause a forced shutdown; a single push should suffice.

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve saved and closed all existing files and applications. After that, just click the power button once to start the shutdown process.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Click the Start menu icon on the taskbar to the right, or hit the Win key.
  • Then, in the bottom-left corner, press the Power button.
  • Select Shut down from the available choices.
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As soon as you do this your computer will be turned off.

2. How to Shut Down Windows 11 With Your PC’s Power Button

If your Windows 11 goes to sleep instead of shutting off, this signifies that your power settings have overridden this function. To resolve this, go to the Start menu and search for “control panel.” After you’ve clicked the result, make sure your Control Panel is set to Large Icon or Small Icon view.

After that, go to Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > When I hit the power button and make sure “Shut down” is selected.

Do you dislike following lengthy methods and procedures? Neither do we. Fortunately, someone at Microsoft recognized this as well.

To begin, press Windows Key + D to access your computer’s desktop. Then, simultaneously hit the Alt + F4 keys, and the shutdown menu will appear in front of your screen. Select shutdown from the dropdown menu and press Enter. Your Windows 11 PC will now shut down without a hitch.

Aside from the methods we’ve previously discussed, another simple approach is to utilize the Power Menu.

3. Use the Alt + F4 Shortcut to Shut Down Windows 11

The Power Menu, often known as the power user menu, is the major hub for all critical Windows computer capabilities. To shut down Windows 11 from the Power Menu, right-click the Start button, pick Shut down or sign out, and then click Shutdown. When you pick shut down, your computer will switch off.

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Not a fan of graphical user interfaces? No worries, we’d understand. Many individuals like getting their hands dirty with the Command Prompt because of the control it provides to users. Surprisingly, you can also use it to restart Windows 11.

To begin, open the Start menu search box, enter “cmd,” and then choose the best match. Type shutdown /s and press Enter on the command line. A dialog box with the words “You’re about to be signed out” will show on your cmd screen.

You may also try the Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut to switch off your computer; it’s one of numerous shortcuts to shut down or put your computer to sleep.

To begin, press the keys together to bring up the options screen. Then, in the lower-right corner, hit the Power button, followed by the Shut down option. As with previous ways, your computer will shut down normally.

5. Shut Down Windows 11 via the Command Prompt

There are other ways to shut off your computer, as seen above. Whether you choose a keyboard shortcut or the command line technique, any of the ways listed above will switch off Windows seamlessly.

To get started, go to the Start menu search bar, type in “cmd,” and select the best match. On the command line, type shutdown /s and hit Enter. A dialog box will appear on your cmd screen with the following message: “You’re about to be signed out.”

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Your Windows 11 will shut down a few seconds after this.

6. Use CTRL + Alt + Delete to Shut Down Your Windows 11 PC

Another shortcut on our list, you can also try the Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut to turn off your PC; it’s one of the many shortcuts to shut down or put your PC to sleep.

First, press the keys together to open the options screen. From there, click on the Power button in the lower-right corner, and then click on the Shut down option. Your PC will shut down normally, just as in other methods.

There Are Many Ways to Shut Down Windows 11

As shown above, there’s more than one way to shut down your PC. Whether you prefer a keyboard shortcut or the command line method, your Windows will be turned off smoothly if you follow any of the methods from above.

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