5 iPhone Video Compression Methods

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5 iPhone Video Compression Methods
5 iPhone Video Compression Methods

You can capture high-quality films with your iPhone. The disadvantage of this is that videos wind up having massive file sizes. You’re undoubtedly wondering how to make your iPhone videos smaller since most social media platforms limit the file size for posting.

Learning how to compress movies on your iPhone is one approach to cope with this. When you compress a video, the quality typically stays the same, but the file size is substantially lower than the original.

If you’re interested, these are the greatest iPhone video compression methods.

1. Reduce the Video Size on Your iPhone Using Video Compress

Using a third-party compression tool is the simplest approach to reduce the size of a movie on your iPhone. Video Compress is a free software available on the App Store that enables you to compress your videos without sacrificing quality.

You do not need to specify any sophisticated compression parameters. Simply add your movie into the program, and it will shrink it for you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Video Compress on your iPhone.
  2. Launch the app and choose the cog icon in the upper-right corner. Then, from the Export File Type menu, choose an output file format. This is the format in which your compressed video will be saved. Return to the main interface and touch the single icon on the screen.
  3. Allow the app access to all of your movies and photographs.
  4. From your gallery, choose the movie you wish to compress and hit the checkmark button in the upper right. You’ll see a slider that allows you to alter the compression level for your video. Drag the slider to view the final file size. When you’re finished, touch the symbol in the top-right corner. Wait for the program to compress your video.
  5. The software will automatically store the video. Once the compression is complete, you may remove the original video by clicking Delete Original on the following screen.
  6. Run Compress Videos & Resize Video and give it permission to view your photographs and videos.
  7. To add a video for compression, tap Select Videos to Compress.
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2. Make a Video Smaller on Your iPhone Using Compress Videos & Resize Video

The Compress Videos & Resize Video app, which is free with a premium version, is another choice for changing the video quality on your iPhone. This program greatly decreases the size of your iPhone films, allowing you to share them anyplace there are size restrictions from your iPhone.

Here’s how to use this app to compress iPhone videos:

  1. Tap Next after selecting a video to compress.
  2. On the next page, enter a Frame Rate and Video Dimensions for your final video file. The fewer the values you provide here, the smaller your video file will be. Then, touch the Compress button and wait for the software to compress your video.
  3. Once your movie has been compressed, you will see both the old and new sizes. Tap the Delete Original option to remove your original video. Otherwise, choose Keep 1 original to save both the original and compressed movies on your phone.
  4. On your iPhone, download and install Media Converter.
  5. Select Import From Photo Library from the Add (+) menu at the top.
  6. Allow the program access to your collection and choose the video to convert and compress.

Some video formats are not completely optimized for minimal file sizes. Because your iPhone prioritizes video quality above file size, it employs a format that allows for higher quality but consumes more storage space.

Another approach to compress your movies is to convert your iPhone video from its native format to another compressed one. This should have no effect on video quality, and your video file size will be substantially reduced.

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Another free program with a paid edition is Media Converter, which you can use to convert and compress your videos. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap Done, then choose the import video quality from the pop-up menu. Media Converter has four quality settings: low, medium, high, and lossless. To prevent losing quality while compressing your video file, choose High Quality.
  2. When Media Converter has finished importing the video, hit the I symbol next to it and choose Convert Video from the menu that appears on your screen.
  3. You may trim the video using the various editing tools on the compression screen. If you merely want to compress the video, choose your chosen output format and compression ratio.
  4. To begin video compression, tap the only symbol in the upper right corner.
  5. When the procedure is finished, the converted file will be shown on the main interface.
  6. Launch Safari and go to the Clideo website.
  7. Select Photo Library from the File menu.
  8. Choose a video to compress. It will be published on Clideo’s website.

4. Compress an iPhone Video Online

If you simply need to compress a few films, an online tool may be more handy. These tools do not need the installation of an app, yet they function just as effectively as native iOS applications. Clideo is one such online program that may assist you in compressing your iPhone movies for use on the web.

Simply upload your movie, let the application convert it, and then save the final file to your local storage. Clideo also allows you to save the compressed movie to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Keep in mind that this website will trademark your video (unless you subscribe to its paid plan). If you’re okay with that, here’s how to use Clideo to compress your iPhone videos:

  1. Let the tool compress your video.
  2. Once your movie has been compressed, hit Copy direct URL, open a new tab, and paste the link into it. When you click the link, Safari will invite you to download the file.
  3. You may also save your movie to Google Drive or Dropbox, which is useful if you want to compress it and send it over email.
  4. Open the Settings app and choose Camera.
  5. Select a setting that balances the size and quality of your videos. The file size is reduced as the number decreases.
  6. Alternatively, you can choose to save your video in Google Drive or Dropbox which is great if you want to compress your video and share it via email.
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5. Make Your iPhone Record Smaller Videos

You may choose what resolution your iPhone captures films at. The smaller the video file, the lower the resolution. If you don’t mind sacrificing video quality, you may set your iPhone to record smaller films by default.

Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap Camera.
  2. Tap Record Video.
  3. Choose an option that balances both the size and the quality of your videos. The lower the number, the smaller the file size.

Shrink Your iPhone Videos in a Few Taps

You do not have to put up with large video files on your iPhone. As previously shown, there are several methods for compressing and reducing video file sizes on your iPhone. Use these tools to compress your films so that they are compatible with more file-sharing services and take up less space on your device.

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