5 Free Methods for Blocking YouTube on Your Child’s iPhone or iPad

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5 Free Methods for Blocking YouTube on Your Child's iPhone or iPad
5 Free Methods for Blocking YouTube on Your Child’s iPhone or iPad

Nowadays, kids may spend hours on YouTube, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. You may prevent this by blocking YouTube on their iPhone and iPad. After that, your kid will be unable to access it through the app or browser. We’ll go through how to ban YouTube on an iPhone or iPad in this section.

But, before you do so, you should be aware that Google provides a YouTube Kids app. You may want to try it; it exclusively shows kid-friendly videos. If your youngster is old enough to download and use regular YouTube, which you do not want, here is how to limit or ban it.

1. Restrict YouTube on iPhone Using Screen Time

Screen Time is a significant tool that includes parental controls as well as many blocking alternatives. If you haven’t already, make sure you activate Screen Time on your child’s iPhone or iPad.

After that, follow these steps to utilize Screen Time to ban YouTube on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Screen Time.
  2. Hover over Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Select Content Restrictions from the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu.
  4. Go to Apps and change the limit to 12+ or anything less.
  5. Your iPhone will now only display applications with an age rating of 12 or below. Because YouTube’s age rating is 17+, it will be prohibited.

If you already have the YouTube app loaded on your iPhone, it will disappear and become unreachable. Due to these limitations, the App Store will not allow anybody to download it if it is not installed.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that, in addition to YouTube, it will conceal other applications classified 17 and higher. However, if you want to protect your children away from inappropriate information, this limitation may be sensible.

Follow the same procedures as above to unblock YouTube at any time, except in step 4, choose 17+ or Allow All Apps.

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2. Remove the YouTube App and Block New App Installations

Another way to ban YouTube is to uninstall the app from your child’s iPhone or iPad and then limit new app installation.

The main advantage of this strategy over the first is that you may download and maintain applications of any rating. Once you’ve determined that all of the apps you need are present, you may uninstall the YouTube app and prohibit fresh app installs.

Here’s how to limit YouTube on your iPhone or iPad by blocking it from downloading again:

  1. On your child’s smartphone, long-press the YouTube app icon on the Home Screen, then choose Remove App > Delete App > Delete.
  2. Now, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions and activate it.
  3. Navigate to iTunes & App Store Purchases.
  4. Select Don’t Allow from the Installing Apps menu.

The App Store will vanish and become unavailable on the smartphone as a result of this. As a result, you or your kid will be unable to download any new applications. To undo this, repeat the steps above but choose Allow in step 4.

3. Block YouTube in Safari and Other iPhone Browsers

The two techniques described above may be used to disable the YouTube app. However, a clever child may figure it out and use Safari or another browser to access it.

So, here’s how to ban YouTube on an iPhone or iPad using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or another browser:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Screen Time.
  2. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions and make sure it’s turned on.
  3. Select Web Content from the Content Restrictions menu.
  4. From here, choose Limit Adult Websites to ban all such sites.
  5. YouTube, on the other hand, is not an adult site. As a result, it will not be banned by default. As a result, under Never Allow, choose Add Website.
  6. Exit the Settings menu by typing https://www.youtube.com.
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Your kid will no longer be able to access YouTube with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any other iOS or iPadOS browser. When they access YouTube, they will get a notice informing them that the site is restricted. When they tap Allow Website, they are prompted for the Screen Time passcode. Please keep in mind that after restricting adult websites, your kid will no longer be able to utilize Private Tabs in Safari.

To enable YouTube, repeat the previous steps, but this time swipe left on YouTube and press Delete.

4. Set a Time Limit for YouTube on iPhone and iPad

If you don’t want to completely ban YouTube but want to restrict your child’s viewing time, you may put a time limit on the app. Screen Time will ban YouTube for the remainder of the day if your child exceeds the time restriction.

Here’s how to put a time restriction to your child’s iPhone or iPad’s YouTube app:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Screen Time. If it isn’t already enabled, go to Settings > Screen Time > Continue > This is My Child’s iPhone > Not Now > Not Now > Continue by entering a Screen Time Passcode. Check the box for Entertainment to restrict all entertainment applications. Otherwise, go to Entertainment > YouTube > Next.
  2. Tap App Limits > Add Limit.
  3. Set the time limit you want. You may also hit Customize Days to offer additional time on certain days of the week.
  4. Set the desired time limit. Optionally, you may tap Customize Days to give more time on certain days of the week.
  5. Finally, tap Add.

You have successfully set a YouTube time restriction. Your youngster may use the app for the length of time you specify. And after they’ve exhausted their time restriction, they’ll have to turn to another app for enjoyment. Your youngster may ask for extra time, which you can subsequently grant or decline from your smartphone. Just don’t give them the Screen Time passcode!

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Please keep in mind that this strategy will not stop your youngster from accessing YouTube on Safari or other browsers.

To remove the app restriction, repeat the preceding steps and choose YouTube > Delete Limit.

5. Use Guided Access to Keep Your Kid Limited to Just One App

You may use Guided Access to limit your child’s access to any other app (such as a learning app) other than YouTube. When Guided Access is activated, the iPhone or iPad is limited to just one app. The app is not exited by swiping up or touching the Home button. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to using Guided Access on an iPhone.

YouTube Is Now Successfully Blocked or Limited!

You may have worked out which of the aforementioned YouTube blocking techniques works best for you by now. If necessary, you may also combine one or more procedures. You may, for example, uninstall the app, limit the installation of new applications, and restrict YouTube in browsers.

Although YouTube Kids is a secure option, there are numerous more video sites that are both safe and enjoyable for your children today. You may want to look about switching them to those platforms instead.

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