4 Ways to Cast Content from Your Mac to a Roku

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4 Ways to Cast Content from Your Mac to a Roku
4 Ways to Cast Content from Your Mac to a Roku

Through its channels, the Roku allows you to view and listen to a wide range of material. However, some streaming service channels are restricted, and your preferred media provider may not currently have a channel. You may avoid this channel problem by casting or mirroring your Mac PC to your Roku. You may use your Roku to stream any films, audio, or images from your computer to your television.

Let’s take a look at the many methods for casting or mirroring material from your Mac to a Roku. Try them all to discover the one that works best for you and your house.

1. AirPlay

Modern Apple devices include AirPlay. It’s a mechanism for sharing, casting, or mirroring content from one Apple device to another. As previously stated, you can cast or mirror from your Mac to Roku 4K devices using AirPlay and HomeKit, although this option isn’t available for every Roku device or every Mac.

macOS 10.14.5 or later must be installed on your Mac. Furthermore, your Roku must be a certain model of the Roku TV, Streambar, Premiere, or Streaming Stick+. The Roku support site lists which model numbers are AirPlay-compatible.

Casting or mirroring with AirPlay from Mac to Roku is simple if you have the necessary equipment. First, ensure that your Roku and Mac are connected to the same wireless network. You may verify the network on your Roku by navigating to Settings > Network and looking under the About page for the Network name.

The next step is determined by whether you want to cast a single file or mirror your complete Mac screen to your Roku. If you wish to display or play content from a website, you must mirror.

To use AirPlay to cast from a Mac to a Roku, first open the movie or picture in question on your Mac. Click on the AirPlay symbol that displays in your menu bar or in the program that opened your file (the rectangle with a triangle pointing into it from the bottom). Choose your Roku from the list that displays.

If you don’t see the AirPlay symbol, you may need to first click the Share icon (the square with an up arrow pointing out of it) in your app. Select AirPlay from the Share menu. The file should now be cast to Roku from your Mac!

If you can’t locate an AirPlay option for a file, or if you want to screen mirror your Mac to Roku through AirPlay, select the Control Center icon in the top-right corner of your menu bar. Select your Roku’s name from the list that shows when you click on Screen Mirroring. Your Mac should begin mirroring to your TV screen with little latency in a matter of seconds.

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2. Mirror for Roku

If you don’t have a Roku model that supports AirPlay from Mac to Roku, or if you can’t upgrade to the most recent version of macOS, you’ll need to use a third-party program to cast or mirror your Mac to your Roku.

Airbeam TV’s Mirror for Roku is one such app. For $14.99, you may mirror your Mac screen to any Roku device or cast video files to any Roku device anytime you want. You’ll also need the Mirror for Roku channel installed on your Roku. This channel is completely free and can be found in the Roku channel shop.

Once everything is set, use the Mirror for Roku software on your Mac to mirror your Mac to your Roku. The app will appear in the top menu bar of your screen.

Select your Roku from the Target device selection menu at the top of the app window, then click the Mirror Mac Screen option. Check the Enable Sound on TV box if you want audio to originate from your TV rather than your Mac. Check the Scale Display box to guarantee that your desktop view is neither stretched or shrunk. Then press the Begin Mirroring button.

The Mirror for Roku channel should instantly open on your Roku, and the mirroring of your Mac screen should commence. If it doesn’t, open the channel manually and press the Start Mirroring button on your Mac once again.

There is a tiny lag between what you do on your Mac and what this software mirrors on your Roku. However, it has no effect on audio and video playback is still excellent.

In the program window, pick the Play Video File option to cast a single video file to your Roku rather than your Mac’s whole screen. Drag a video file into the Drop a video file here box, or use the Browse button to locate the clip you wish to play. When you pick a file, the Mirror for Roku channel should open instantly and begin playing it. You may use your Roku remote, the Roku app, or the Mirror for Roku app window on your Mac to pause or play the movie.

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Download: Mirror for Roku for macOS ($14.99) | Roku (Free)

3. Omni Player

Omni Player is a useful program that does more than simply cast from Mac to Roku. The software is available for free download, and its primary function is to play multiple video file types on your Mac, including YouTube and Vimeo connections.

You may use the program to cast video files that are open on your Mac to your Roku. To begin casting, first download the Oka Mirror for Roku channel from the Roku channel store. Then you may open the channel.

On your Mac, look for the casting icon—two rectangles with a Wi-Fi signal above them—in the bottom-right corner of the Omni Player video window.

When you click that icon, you should see a list of nearby devices to which you may connect. Click on the name of your Roku under the Roku category. Your Mac should immediately cast to your Roku!

Omni Player isn’t ideal for playing online material since it can’t screen mirror Mac to Roku. In reality, Omni Player transforms any movies you play from YouTube or Vimeo to local media so that the app can use them. If you don’t have the VIP edition of the program, Omni Player also restricts the amount of time you may cast. The VIP edition costs $3.99 per month, $6.99 per year, and $9.99 for life.

With the free version, you may cast for a limited time and still obtain a video player that supports a wide range of formats. If that appeals to you, Omni Player is a viable option.

Omni Player for macOS is available for download (Free, subscription available)

Download: Oka Mirror for Roku (Free)

4. JustStream

JustStream is a free tool that allows you to cast from and screen mirror your Mac to smart TVs such as Roku TVs. It’s ideal if you have an older Roku TV that doesn’t support AirPlay.

Turn on your Roku and TV, then use the JustStream app on your Mac. The program will display in the menu bar at the top of your Mac’s screen, with a triangle pointing into a rectangle as its icon. To locate material to play on your Roku TV, click the Plus button in the bottom-right of the app’s dropdown menu.

Click the streaming device symbol (the triangle pointing into the rings) at the bottom of the menu, and then enter the name of your Roku TV. Then, at the top of the menu, select Start Streaming to begin streaming.

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To screen mirror a Mac, launch JustStream and pick the desktop display you wish to broadcast from the Screens list. Choose your streaming device as described above, then click Start Streaming.

JustStream’s free edition only allows for 20 minutes of mirroring from your Mac to your Roku TV at a time. You may reconnect as many times as you like, but you’ll be interrupted every 20 minutes unless you pay $12.99 for a one-year membership to the app’s premium edition.

To play sound from your computer on your TV, you must to download the JustStream Audio Driver. The driver is available for free on JustStream’s developer website, however it requires an additional step.

Because this app is only available on smart TVs, it may not be the ideal solution for most individuals. However, if you have many smart TVs and want to be able to project or mirror to any of them, it may be the best option for you. Download JustStream for macOS (Free, subscription available)

With AirPlay, you can quickly cast video or screen mirror from your Mac to your Roku and TV screen if you have the correct Roku and an up-to-date version of macOS on your computer. Great applications are available for different Roku devices. Most of them are expensive, but they function quite well and expand the amount of video you can view on your Roku.

Download: JustStream Audio Driver for macOS (Free)

Stream to Your Roku With Ease

You may also cast and mirror content from your phone to your Roku. And, depending on your scenario, there are advantages to casting rather than mirroring.

It’s also possible to cast and mirror content from your phone to your Roku. And there are benefits to casting versus mirroring, depending on your situation.

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