4 Places to Look for Your AirPods’ Serial Number

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4 Places to Look for Your AirPods' Serial Number
4 Places to Look for Your AirPods’ Serial Number

Every Apple product has a unique serial number. Knowing your AirPods’ serial number might help you in a variety of situations. For starters, it’s a failsafe technique to determine if your equipment is genuine or counterfeit. Your serial number is also required to determine if your item is still under warranty.

Don’t know where to look for your AirPods’ serial number? The many methods for locating it are listed below.

What You Should Know About Your Serial Number

Before you begin looking for your device’s serial number, keep in mind that each serial number is unique. That is, if you verified the coverage status of your device and discovered that your serial number has previously been registered, your gadget is not brand new.

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Following that, the serial numbers on your associated Apple device and those written on your device, charging case, and box should all be the same.

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Now that you know, here’s how to discover the serial number for your AirPods.

1. The AirPods Serial Number Is on the Charging Case

Many Apple products no longer have serial numbers written on the device. Fortunately, Apple kept it on AirPods—located it’s within the Charging Case. Simply open the lid and peek beneath.

2. Find the Serial Number Printed on Your AirPods

If you have AirPods (2nd generation) or AirPods Pro, the serial number is also written on the AirPods themselves. Each AirPod has a unique serial number. The serial numbers written on them, however, are not the same as those found elsewhere. So, if you require a serial number for servicing, use the serial number on the Charging Case.

To locate the serial number on an AirPods Max, separate the left magnetic ear cushion.

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3. Find the Serial Number Using a Paired Device

If you’ve previously used your AirPods with an Apple device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Locate your AirPods and press the Info button (i). Your device’s Serial Number, as well as other information such as Model Name and Model Number, may be found there.

If you’re using an iOS or iPadOS 14 or earlier device, go to Settings > General > About, then scroll down the bottom of the page and press AirPods.

4. Search for the Serial Number on the AirPods Box

If you still have your AirPods box, you may verify the serial number there as well. It is printed next to the barcode. If you still have your purchase receipt, the serial number for your AirPods should be printed on it.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing AirPods but want to ensure their legitimacy, just ask the seller to show you the serial number and verify the Apple warranty status yourself.

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Essential AirPods Identification

Serial numbers are similar to ID numbers in certain ways. They enable Apple to swiftly recover vital information about your devices in the event that they need to be replaced or repaired. Because each device has a unique serial number, it’s also a foolproof method of determining a gadget’s validity.

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