15+ Solutions for iPhone No Sound or Text Message Alerts

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15+ Solutions for iPhone No Sound or Text Message Alerts
15+ Solutions for iPhone No Sound or Text Message Alerts

You may not get new SMS alerts due to incorrectly configured settings or software faults. Typically, the problem is just temporary, and it may be resolved with a few simple modifications.

If text messages aren’t appearing on your iPhone, your device isn’t displaying alerts for an incoming SMS or iMessage, or your locked iPhone isn’t making a sound when you get a text, check out these simple fixes.

1. Check Notification Settings for Messages

When text messages do not appear as alerts on your iPhone, check sure the Messages app is allowed to display them on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and elsewhere.

To do this, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Messages.
  2. Check that Allow Notifications is turned green.
  3. Next, choose the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners options.
  4. Select a loud message tone by tapping Sounds. If the real message content does not appear on your iPhone’s Lock Screen, touch Show Previews and choose Always.
  5. Go through your discussions in the Messages app. Swipe left on the chat with the gray sliced bell symbol.

Following the methods outlined above, fresh SMS and iMessage text messages should appear on your iPhone and create a sound when the device is locked.

2. Ensure the Person Isn’t Muted

When you mute someone or a group, your iPhone will not notify you when they send you a new SMS or iMessage. You may repair this by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Now, hit the bell symbol to unmute this chat thread and get notifications.
  2. Go to Settings and choose Messages. If the individual is mentioned here, swipe left on their name or phone number and choose Unblock.
  3. In the Contacts or Phone app, tap the person’s name.

3. Turn Off Silent Mode and DND

When you set your iPhone in quiet mode, new SMS will not be accompanied by a notification tone. To resolve this, disable quiet mode by pressing the mute button found above your iPhone’s volume buttons. Second, while your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode, it does not vibrate or play a sound when it receives new messages. Open the iOS Control Center and check that the DND symbol (crescent moon) is not purple. If it is, press it to disable DND.

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Furthermore, iOS 15 and subsequent versions provide Focus modes that enable you to choose which applications and individuals should get alerts. If you’re utilizing one of these modes, disable it using the Control Center or Settings app.

On iPhones with Face ID, when in the Messages app, gently slide up from the bottom to the center of the screen and hold until you see the App Switcher. Swipe up on the Messages app card to forcibly close it.

4. Force Quit the Messages App

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone with a Home button, swiftly double-press it to bring up the App Switcher, and then slide up to forcibly dismiss the Messages app card.

After a few seconds, reopen this app, and perhaps the notification difficulties will be resolved.

Before proceeding, it is critical to verify that iMessage is enabled and turned on. To do so, go to Settings > Messages and ensure that iMessage is enabled.

5. Ensure iMessage Is Enabled

Next, hit Send & Receive and double-check that you have the proper phone number and email address entered.

Due to temporary difficulties, items may not operate properly on your iPhone. Typically, a fast restart resolves these concerns. Use the physical buttons to switch off your iPhone, or go to Settings > General and hit Shut Down. After a minute, either use the power button or plug in your charger to switch on your iPhone.

6. Restart Your iPhone

The iPhone automatically filters spam and SMS from unknown senders. If you allow this, you may miss a few important SMS messages in rare situations. Furthermore, if you get a message from someone who isn’t in your contact list, the Messages app will sort their text into a different list and not tell you of it.

To resolve this, go to Settings > Messages > Unknown & Spam and disable Filter Unknown Senders.

7. Turn Off Filter Unknown Senders

If you forget and leave Bluetooth headphones or gadgets connected to your iPhone, the new text message sound may be played via them rather than the on-device speaker. To resolve this, use the Settings app and disable Bluetooth. You may also remove these devices from the iOS Control Center by touching the Bluetooth icon.

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They can’t call or text you once you block them. If you aren’t receiving messages from a certain contact, check sure they haven’t been put to the block list (accidentally or on purpose).

8. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

Have you ever selected “None” as the alert tone for a specific contact and then forgotten about it? If so, here’s how to change it and set a correct tone for incoming messages from that person:

9. Make Sure the Person Isn’t Blocked

Were you getting so many group iMessage alerts that you silenced the chat while you were upset? If so, go to Settings > Messages and enable Notify Me. You will now only get alerts if someone mentions you in a muted discussion. You may reduce needless text messages while still being aware of those in which you are specifically referenced.

  1. Instead of “None,” tap Text Tone and choose a different alert tone. To save this modification, tap Done. If you don’t see Text Tone in step 2, you didn’t probably establish a custom text tone for this individual. Please go to the next fix.
  2. Tap on Blocked Contacts.
  3. If the person is listed here, swipe left on their name or number and tap Unblock.

10. Ensure Custom Text Tone Isn’t Set to “None”

When you select to receive messages on your Mac or iPad, fresh text alerts may not appear on your iPhone at times. To resolve this, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and disable it for all of your Apple devices.

  1. Tap the person’s name in the Contacts or Phone app.
  2. Tap Text Tone and choose a different alert tone instead of “None.” Tap on Done to save this change.
  3. If you don’t see Text Tone in step 2, you probably didn’t set a custom text tone for this person. So, please move on to the next fix.

11. Enable “Notify Me”

If you have enabled text notifications on your Apple Watch, the iPhone may not display them or play the tone. Make that your iPhone and Apple Watch are running the most recent versions of iOS and watchOS, respectively. You may also disable text alerts on the Apple Watch using the Watch app.

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12. Disable Text Message Forwarding

New messages may display in the Messages app on your Mac if you keep it open, and your iPhone may not play the text notification sound for them. To resolve this, close the Messages program on your Mac. If you’re already working on your computer, you may utilize it there.

13. Are You Using an Apple Watch?

If none of the aforementioned alternatives work, don’t despair—all is not lost.

14. Have You Opened the Messages App on Your Mac?

The first step is to ensure that your cell plan permits you to receive text messages. Check that your cellular plan is current and that there are no outstanding bills.

15. Other Solutions

If you suspect that bugs are preventing your device from receiving iPhone text message alerts, you should upgrade the software on your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Known issues, such as failed text alerts, are often addressed by updating the most recent iOS version.

While not receiving text messages on your iPhone is inconvenient, you should begin receiving alerts again after using the alternatives listed above.

Once everything is working well, try enhancing your app experience by using iMessage in novel ways. For instance, how does discussing the weather and playing games sound?

Successfully Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

Not getting text messages on your iPhone is annoying, but you should start receiving notifications again after trying the above solutions.

Once everything begins running as intended, consider spicing up your app experience by using iMessage in unique ways. For example, how does talking about the weather and playing games sound?

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