12 Ways to Turn Off an iPhone

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12 Ways to Turn Off an iPhone
12 Ways to Turn Off an iPhone

Turning off your iPhone is really a simple process, although it differs depending on the model. Because the iPhone’s design has evolved over time, so have the buttons you need to press to turn it off.

If you previously had an iPhone with a physical Home button, you’ll notice that pushing the Power button activates Siri rather than bringing up the shut-down screen.

You may blame Apple for this, but we’ll show you how to use the improved approach to switch off your new iPhone 12.

Use the Volume Button to Turn Off an iPhone 12

Because the iPhone 12 and other iPhone models with Face ID lack a Home button, Apple has to incorporate Siri functions into the Power or Side button. The good news is that you can still access the shut-down screen by pressing the Power button, but you’ll need to click another button as well.

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Follow these simple instructions to turn off your iPhone 12:

  1. To access the shut-down menu, press and hold the Side and Volume buttons at the same time.
  2. Drag the power slider to the right, and your iPhone 12 will switch off in a few seconds.

Were you surprised at how simple it was? Since the release of the iPhone X, this has been the latest way for turning off iPhones.

If you’re attempting to turn down a frozen or unresponsive iPhone 12, this approach will be ineffective. Instead of waiting for the battery to deplete, you may forcibly restart your iPhone. If the issue continues, you may use a computer to enter Recovery Mode and restore your iPhone.

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More information: How to Restart an iPhone and Enter Recovery Mode

Multiple Ways to Turn Off Your iPhone 12

We should note that this is not the only technique to switch off your iPhone 12. For example, if your iPhone’s physical buttons are broken in any way, you may shut it off through the iOS settings menu. When your iPhone isn’t responding at all, the force restart method is an excellent option to turn it off.

You should no longer have any trouble shutting off your iPhone, regardless of model.

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